Denied! Henrik Busts Chops in Shoot out.

Friday, October 1, 2010

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Henrik won the shootout tonight against the Senators. NY Rangers won. The world keeps spinning in the right direction.

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Henrik working on some goalie yoga. Seriously, how does he do that? Is that pose called Downward Facing DENIED? LOL

From Recently Updated

Henrik waiting for the Zamboni to get done clearing a path for the shootout. Notice my screen is still RED when watching via kilonet. It give Torts a very funny purplish cast to his face though. A more authentic look I think.


Sahil said... is a really solid choice to watch streaming games. they generally have every game in the 4 major leagues up, sometimes with links to several different feeds to check out which one works the best.

i hope this helps cure the red-tint problem

CR9 said...

Saw on FB that you play Halo? You have PS3, Christine? I dont play any video games, aside from the occasional FIFA, just want to know out of curiousity!

christine said...

Yup I play Halo. My xbox windows live account is, get ready for it, Henrikisgod1111. LOL I have a ps2 and love the Final Fantasy video games on it and a Nintendo Gamecube and love Mario Kart. I'm highly competitive too just like Henrik. Awwwwwwww.... I don't like computer games, I'd rather hold a controller.

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