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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A very lucky boy that attended Gold in the Net camp with Henrik sent us a photo to share. Thom Huokko attended Henrik's goalie camp in Öckerö and is the goalie in green with Henrik looking at his mask. Thom is also a true Henrik fan and says

it doesn't matter if the team losts, Hank is still The King and will always be.


Joezayfan said...

Awww....Thom's adorable in his gear!! I love seeing little kids playing hockey. It's so cute!!

If you see this, Thom, I say "Hej!" (According to Google translator, that means hello, so I hope that's correct.)

Anna said...

It's correct :)

Tack för bilden Thom, hoppas du hade kul i Öckerö! Hur var Henrik som tränare? (Thanks for the picture Thom, hope you had fun in Öckerö! How was Henrik as a trainer?)

(Cause I assume he must be reading this blog if he sent you the picture?)

Anonymous said...

HI, thank you for your comment! I`ll be at his camp next year too...
Thanks again/Thom

Thom Huokko said...

Hej Anna! Gold in the net va helt fantastiskt. Lärde mig massor.
Henke kom på besök sista dan men hans övriga tränare super.

Häls Thom

Anna said...

Kul att höra! Har han gett er några bra tips eller var han verkligen bara på besök? Hoppas du kan ta oss till OS-guld om några år, kanske 2022? :)

(sorry for the swedish, I'll translate if you guys want!)

christine said...

I would love a translation!

@Thom How long was the camp? Did Henrik tell you guys stories about his younger hockey days? Was everyone trying to play extra terrific the day Henrik was there? Did you get special t-shirts signed by Henrik?

Thom Huokko said...

Hej Anna, Henke gav några bra tips när han kom sista dagen, tror mest han va där för att skriva autografer va med på isen och träffa barnen. Jag siktar absolut på OS 2022 :)
Jag ska göra allt för att komma till NHL, främst Detroit som är mitt favoritlag men Henke är min favvomålis.
Christine: the camp was for 6 days, hard practise. We started 07 in the morning and finished at 20 - 21 evening. It was very fun but lots of work.
Henrik told us stories from he was child, stories from NHL and SHL.
He is a nice person! He´s a good example of hockeyplayer for us kids.

Anna said...

Haha, poor Thom gets bombarded with questions!

He just said that the camp was amazing, that Henrik only came to visit the last day but that his trainers were great.

Anna said...

Ah, so Thom told us that Henke mostly was there to give autographs and meet the kids. And he'll do everything to get into the NHL, hopefully Detroit. And aims for the 2022 olympics.

Good luck with all that, Thom, I'll remember your name!

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