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Monday, March 29, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik is not amused with the title of this post.

I don't want you to stalk the guy, but if you want to know more about him, then hey read on!

Henrik splits his time between his pad in Manhattan and Gothenburg, Sweden. He also has a place in South Beach, Miami. Tough living.

Henke's latest place in Manhattan is at NEW YORK, NY 10019. He paid $3.9 million for a 2,035sq ft 3BR, 3BA duplex penthouse. The 2,035-square-foot apartment features a terrace and a chef's kitchen, and it also comes with storage space. Henke has said in interviews that his favorite part is the terrace. He plans to make it so you can watch TV out there while soaking in the jacuzzi.

Scroll to the left and you'll see a green see through cube in front of a building. That's where Henrik lives. Click on the link to go to the building's website. View floorplans. See if any are available for rent or to buy. You could be riding the elevators with Henrik!

Henrik's penthouse is floorplan D which does indeed have a walk in closet for all those clothes and one heck of a huge terrace. I love all the floor to ceiling windows! His penthouse looks out over 52nd street so if you're on the other side of the street holding signs and making an ass out of yourself, he may see you. It's debatable if he'll see you before the police come or you get slapped with a restraining order. But remember, Henrik has to sign the restraining order. Free autograph!

Ok I'm laughing my ass off at the free autograph but seriously don't stalk the guy. He needs his own life and can't play well if he's worried about some crazed fan stalking him. And I don't live anywhere near New York so he doesn't have to worry about me.
From henrik lundqvist

He parks his Maserati in a parking garage nearby. He used to have a Lamborghini, but he totaled it.

Henrik takes his dog Nova, a Doberman, to Central Park which is not too far away. There is a dog run there where apparently you can leave your dog overnight. Or I may have read the Swedish translation wrong. But you may catch Henrik with Nova there. He also likes to rollerblade in the summer in Central Park. Henrik in shorts!

You will probably see Henrik at Fika: Chokolad a Swedish espresso bar. The Swedes take their coffee very seriously. I do too. I should become Swedish. I like Ikea too.
From henrik lundqvist

AQ Kafe is not far from Central Park and Henrik's pad. It's a coffeehouse and cafe with Scandinavian food. I love the interior. Gorgeous wood furniture and floors.

Henrik has mentioned in an interview that a Swedish Upper West coffee shop with the appropriate name Cuppa has been graced with his presence quite a bit.
From henrik lundqvist

Hus is the Swedish clothing store that Henrik was in for the Rangers 30 spot. You were supposed to be able to go to the Rangers website to see a full 1.5 minute video, but I can't find it. Just the 30 second teaser. :( I wanted more Henrik fashion tips!

Henrik has said in interviews that he likes to hang out at La Esquina in Nolita and the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar at 2 Lexington Avenue. Henrik has also said that the club 1 Oak is always a safe bet.

He also frequents dive bars to play guitar. He played guitar in Warren 77, Sean Avery's bar, on opening night. His favorite drinks are Vitaminwater and Coke, but at a bar he likes Grey Goose and Red Bull.
From henrik lundqvist

Henke loves barbecue pork ribs at Houston's on 27th and Park.

Henrik obviously likes to shop and find new things to wear. He's mentioned that he likes Lounge Saks. He likes the brand John Varvatos and says they have very nice coats. He likes Operations in Soho and has bought several coats from there. Henrik also likes Reiss. Perhaps you'll run into him in the men's clothing section. Try not to hide behind the clothing racks.

Henrik plays golf in the summer and jams with his friends in Sweden in their joke band Boxplay. As of last summer Henrik was thinking of starting a band up here in New York and was looking for names. Five Hole Soul was the band name most liked by Henrik.
From henrik lundqvist

Henrik has also stated that he misses the candy in Sweden, but friends from Sweden bring him candy when they visit. Which candy? Swedish fish? LOL OMG that was horrible.

Henrik trains with the Rangers at the Rangers training rink in Tarrytown, NY. Address is 711 Old Saw Mill River Rd., Tarrytown, New York 10591. It's private so you can't just drive right in. But perhaps you could wait at the gates? I think they may have an open practice once a year but just for season ticket holders. Perhaps you could do a drive by and just take photos of the gate.

View Larger Map

For sightseeing Henrik recommends going to Rockefeller Center to avoid the lines at Empire State Building.

Here's a video of Henrik talking about his New York favorites. I think it's amusing that he mentions Central Park and likes to bring his dog and then quickly adds on 'and my girlfriend' as an afterthought. LOL

If I find out any more favorite spots of Henrik's, I'll add them to this list.
From henrik lundqvist


Rose said...

He still has the Lamborghini. Don't you think you went a little too far, publicizing where he lives? I've known that he lives there for a while, in fact I've passed the building before, but I would never put that info out on the internet like that. I know that anyone could google the info if they wanted to, but do you think if Henrik saw this, he would be happy?

Anonymous said...

I like your blog and love Hank but think you crossed the line writing his adress. There is a lot of weirdos out there and its not smart to make it easy for them. Please consider removing it! Would u like it if your adress was out there for everyone to see...?

christine said...

My address is available for everyone to see through Google. Celebrity's addresses are not hidden and every time they move the address is online. There are people even selling maps to their homes.

If Hank lived in a single dwelling house without a doorman, or gated community then there would be no way in hell I'd post that address. But he lives in a protected building, top floor. Plus the address is on websites that get a hell of lot more traffic than I do.

And if I found it, anyone can easily find it.

Here's the places where I found Hank's address so you can that even if I removed it, it would still be all over:
Now the Gawker has millions of viewers a day. On that link they have the square foot, the address and a link to his previous address.
Curbed has a map to the addresses too for several celebrities in NY not just Henrik.
Now this one has the property assessment, market value, etc.
Also here with a photo of Lundqvist.

Anonymous said...

Whether the information is there or not, you just linked together a lot of information AND maps of it. You say not to stalk, yet that's what you seem to be doing.

christine said...

I think in order to stalk, you have to continually shadow the person, i.e. stalk them like a lion stalking a gazelle or whatever they eat.

If linking to information on Henrik with maps is stalking, then by your definition Google is stalking him.

The purpose of the post is to round out the person Henrik, to give people another look at him and not just the post or pre game interviews. It's to give him three dimensions and not just the 'pro athlete hockey player's dimension that majority of people see him as. Plus there's a large contingent of women and men that are being drawn to hockey because of him. I don't know how many I've run into that watch hockey just for him! I thought it was just me, but not at by a longshot. He's an amazing athlete and I'm stunned every game.

Rose said...

You could have done all that without posting his address AND a map of his building. Besides, unlike Gawker, the people who come to your website are Lundqvist fans and you're spoon-feeding them his address. The millions who view Gawker, just like the average New Yorker, don't even know who Henrik is.

If someone out there saw all this and really wanted to stalk him- they now can. It is true he has a doorman, but that's not the point- have a little respect for his privacy.

Carol said...

I think Rose and Anonymous need to chill out and take a deep breath. This is all in good fun. Anyone that is going to stalk Henrik already has all the information they need to do so. Nothing that Christine put here will cause any sane person to do anything out of line. And anyone that is going to do anything out of line didn't need Christine's blog to do so. Really, guys, take a pill. These things that might seem like privacy issues to normal folks are put in magazines all the time, and they are approved by the celebrities. With the address or not, anyone that wanted to stalk would know where that building is. My address is available for anyone to see. If someone wanted to find it they could easily. If someone wanted to find Henrik's, they could no problem.

Rose said...

I stand by my comments. He didn't approve it. Who cares if your address could be found. You're not a public figure. Would you like to give us your last name so we can google your address then? Maybe put it on a blog then?

Carol said...


I think Henrik would realize that everything on this blog is all in fun. Tongue in cheek. That's obvious. I would get a kick out of a blog like this for me. If I wanted to live in exclusivity I wouldn't have gone into professional sports.

I stand by my comment...take a deep breath and chill out. Or not, whichever you prefer. I'm certainly not implying you should do as I say.

Great blog, Christine.

christine said...


Nice try at insulting me on my own blog. You've got class!

Carol said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Christine. It's definitely my favorite place on the internet!

ram11273 said...

Ok, I find this amusing, but don't you think the guy deserves a private life? He's always takes care of his fans when they asks for pics or autographs, but when he is away from the garden and away from all the charity work he does, don't you think he needs some relaxation considering he works his ass off all game? I'd hate to be a celebrity, you have no privacy.

christine said...

Hey Ram, we've commented on each other's photos on picasaweb.

There is a plus and minus to being a celebrity. Plus is you are famous, minus is you are famous. You have no private life anymore because the press is intrusive. The places he hangs out Henrik told himself to interviewers. It is compiled in one place for 'Henrik watchers'. That is if you'd like to go to the Swedish coffee shop hoping he'll show up so you can tell people you saw him.

His NY address was all over the web and posted by places like NYPost. Not hidden info at all.

The title to this post was for shock value and to be 'linkbait'.

If I ever saw Henrik away from an ice arena, I wouldn't go up to him. I'd let him do his thing because I feel celebrities need their lives too. I'd probably take a photo though but not go up and ask him to pose.

K.S. Brooks said...

Christine, thanks for posting the information on the practice facility. I was researching that online (not Henke although he is amazing). I didn't realize it was private and that's good to know. Thanks again.

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