Henrik in the Net for Friday Too

Thursday, September 30, 2010

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The NY Rangers beat writers said that Henrik will be in the net the entire game Friday against Ottawa. I'm not entirely happy about this. This is a pre-season game. Henrik has had knee problems and got cortisone shots in the summer. He had a 'tender groin' right before training camp. Isn't Henrik supposed to play less? Don't we have a good backup goalie?

I don't get it. Sure I'm thrilled Henrik will be in the net Friday and we can watch him in his awesome gloryness, but I'm worried about his health.

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Henrik dancing on ice.


Henrik Lundqvist Makes 35 Saves

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Henrik was awesome, as usual. He's back in form. Made 35 saves. NY Rangers won. The world continues spinning in the right direction.

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This is what I had to put up with the whole game. RED. Cute screencap of Henrik headbutting though. It's so cute and adorable!

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Funny part of the game, Henrik made a save and wasn't sure he did so he looked behind him in the net and then picked up a leg and saw the puck. He HAD stopped it! LOL

There was a Hen-rik chant going tonight. HENRIK IS AWESOME.
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Hank the Tank in the Net Tonight!

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Hank the Tank stopping a shot by the Red Wings 9/29/2010. He's a miracle on ice.

hank the tank
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Hank the Tank is in the net against the Red Wings tonight and the game is actually going on right now. You can catch it on MSG if you're in the area or catch a live stream here. I'm watching the stream but it has a really strong red tint. Anyone else have this problem?

Henrik, I mean the NY Rangers are currently in the lead.

I have decided that I really, really like Henrik's European fashion sense. Oh those crazy Europeans and their tight pants.


Henrik Lundqvist's Twitter Account

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

henrik lundqvist twitter
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He doesn't have one. :( We've all probably known it for awhile, but it was confirmed today by one of the NY Rangers beat writers. Apparently someone snapped up the @henriklundqvist twitter account last year and is pretending to be Henrik. Very lame tweets. Obviously not him.

Plus he's said in at least 2 interviews that he doesn't have a twitter, it's not for him. He doesn't even really email! He goes on the internet to read the news (Swedish) and that's pretty much it.
henrik lundqvist twitter
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It would be completely awesome if did do twitter and sent us photos of his closet, his cars, him watching tv, whatever. But no... :( And now I bet NO ONE he knows dares take a photo and tweet it after the Voros Memorial Weekend. Thanks a bunch Voros.

Now, if you run across a twitter account called @fakehenrik, well that's this blog! You can follow it to get notified when a new blog post is made. I need to make a twitter background for it, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

henrik lundqvist twitter
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No idea who made these Henrik Lundqvist banners, but they're awesome. I found them on tumbler. Whomever made them, let me know and I'll drop a link to your site.


Henrik Lundqvist Photo Taken By Ryan Miller

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ok, well, at this moment it's only one. It's a photo Ryan Miller took of Henrik as part of his photographing 5 NHL players to promote the NHL's October Cancer charities.

vanity fair ryan miller henrik lundqvist nhl

I have to say, I really like this photo. It's a different look for Henrik. He seems sad in this photo like he's thinking of the pain and loss that cancer has caused. Really a look into the 'real person' Henrik. And the lavender tie is the NHL's lavender that they wear during October. I can't think of any color Henrik would look bad in.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

happy henrik lundqvist day
Henrik starts in the net tonight and plays the entire game! YEAH HANK IS BACK!

Catch Henrik in all his puck stopping Viking hockey goalie god glory at 7:00pm EST on MSG+ in HD! HD because they knew Henrik would be in front of the net and had to broadcast his handsome visage in HD. Here's the streaming game but it's a Devils feed.
henrik lundqvist Hockey
Henrik praying to the Viking hockey gods that Crosby is struck dead so Hank doensn't have to put up with his diving this season.

Oh yeah, they're playing the NJ Devils. Soon to be the dead Devils from not being able to score one shot. :) HANK IS BACK

Can you tell I'm excited?

Henrik goalie mask
Henrik getting ready to decimate the Devils.

henrik lundqvist smack a bitch up
Henrik knows how to smack a bitch up. Don't dive. He'll beat you.


Watch Henrik Lundqvist In A Real Live Hockey Game!

Friday, September 24, 2010

FINALLY! HANK IS BACK! For those lucky enough to attend the game Saturday night, it is reported that Henrik will be in the net. I'm so excited! I'm going to have to see if I can catch the game online. I'm so excited!!


Henrik Lundqvist's Goalie Mask Design for 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today Dave Art revealed the design he did for Henrik's 2010 goalie mask. Did you know Dave did all of Henrik's masks in Sweden too? Apparently he's Swedish.

According to a lot of the forums, many fans don't like the mask. Dave said it had the lightning that Henrik always has, the bold and sharp design that Henrik also likes. He used the statue of liberty on one side again and a new King Henrik design on the other with a crown and Henrik's number 30 on the inside.

I want to know where his tribute to Sweden is. He always has a Swedish flag or the three crowns, but I can't see them anywhere. I'm also a bit surprised by the crown with the 30 in it. I thought Henrik didn't like the King Henrik nickname?

I do really like the statue of liberty though. What design makes you think of New York immediately? The statue of liberty. You can't put the stock exchange on there, the fashion district, etc. It's the statue of liberty. So I like it. I like Henrik's choice of bold designs too. I am a bit tired of the lightning on every mask though. Perhaps next year he'll have a tornado for the NY tornado? LOL


Video of Henrik Lundqvist Scrimmage Game

This is video of Henrik in a 9/20 scrimmage during NY Rangers practice. I love how it's all about Henrik!

According to the NY Rangers beat writers, today Henrik was on fire during the scrimmage. His team won 6-1 and at one point he made an "acrobatic, flopping save". Serious. That's what they said. Sadly, they did not have video of this.


Henrik Lundqvist Does Well In Practices

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist at the NHL storeHenrik was on the ice Saturday and Sunday for training camp. He took part in an afternoon scrimmage today and NY Rangers beat writers reported that he looked strong, didn't look like there was any problem with his knees or groin. He stopped 2 of 2 penalty shots in the scrimmage and his team (white team) won the scrimmage.

Glad to hear he was performing fine, but wasn't he having groin problems at the end of last season and we didn't know it? I sure hope the groin won't continue to trouble him this season. Thankfully we've got a backup goalie in Biron and Torts actually seems to really want to limit Hank's time on ice so he can still perform in the playoffs. Of course that's what Torts said last year. I really hope Hank gets some rest this year though. He can't continue to play over 70 games a season and still have a working body by the time he's 30.

Photo from Henrik at the NHL store. Aren't his eyelashes amazing? I love it when he smiles.


Henrik Lundqvist's Tender Groin Keeping Him From Training Camp

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist pictureHenrik missed the first day of NY Rangers training camp due to a "tender groin" as reported by the Rangers beat writers.

A moment of silence for Henrik's "tender groin".

Ok, now you can snicker and wonder how in the heck did Henrik hurt his groin and when. Henrik was at every day of the informal training camp with no physical problems. Then came the NHL media days and he was walking around fine from what I could tell from the videos (and no I did not stare at his crotch region) so the injury must have happened after the media days on film and before training camp.

Did Therese listen to Henrik's radio interview with Boomer and Carton and hear one of them mention a photo of Henrik with a hooker? (It's not a hooker BTW it's Victoria a fellow Swede.) Did Therese watch the NHL store interview where Henrik answered 'it happens' to getting distracted by hot chicks in the stands? Those are the only reasons I can think of for Henrik getting kneed in the crotch! Which is one theory I have as to what happened.

Another theory is that they were doing some pre training camp celebrating that did not go well. Henrik, you know the backseat of the Maserati is not big enough!

Henrik lundqvist goalie gearCan you just imagine how embarrassed Henrik had to be when he had to report to the staff doc that his groin was tender? And how did they determine it was too tender to get on ice? I can just imagine Henrik on the exam table in his underwear with Rangers staff standing around discussing how tender his groin is. I bet Henrik wanted to hide. And then the news goes out on Twitter via the Rangers writers, picked up by news sites, and now I devoted an entire post to his tender groin. Poor Henrik. I'm pretty sure Henrik hates the internet.

And I'm sure he had, at some point, to have explained what happened to cause the tender groin.

Doc: What happened? You were fine a few days ago.
Henrik: Well, uh...
Doc: Dammit Henrik, did you go off and do your pre training camp celebrating again?
Henrik: It's a routine I have, I couldn't break the routine!
Doc: I told you no Kama Sutra during the season! I'm going to have to confiscate that book from you again. Now, where to hide it from Dubi's virgin eyes...



New York Tornado Passes Henrik By

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, hopefully it did. I don't actually know where Henrik was today (shocking I know) but I'm hoping he was at home eating spaghetti watching the tornado from his penthouse view and far away from any damage.
Tornado in Brooklyn?
The view over Brooklyn. I can imagine Henrik was a bit surprised. Do they get tornadoes in Sweden? This may be the first time he's ever seen the green sky, hail and rotating wall clouds. A common occurrence for us in the Midwest's Tornado Alley, but in New York City?!? That is some crazy weather.

Here's another photo being passed around, but it looks photoshopped. That's not a tornado that's a rain core. The curved clouds stacked up are the edge of a thunderstorm cloud nicknamed 'the mothership' because of how it looks like a huge ship.

Enough weather trivia, I hope all the NY Rangers players and fans are ok and didn't get anymore damage than tree limbs down and hail dents.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik hanging out on his penthouse balcony on a nicer day.


Henrik at NHL Store Videos and Photos

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

henrik lundqvist photos
The winner of the best question for Hank got an autographed hockey stick! Lucky girl.

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Henrik's best feelings during a game.

What Henrik thinks of the nickname King Henrik. At the end he says he doesn't use it himself....all the time. LOL

Henrik arriving at the store through the whole interview. Does it sound like he might have a slight cold? Lots of questions and answers in this one. Henrik didn't say no to having his own clothing line at some time. First 10 days of his summer he went to Miami to try to forget but the last game and not making the playoffs really bothered him for a long time. As to the question if a sign or a pretty girl catches his eye in the stands - Henrik says it happens with a smile and laugh! :)

He eats pasta for a pre game meal. 3-4 times a week pasta with sauce and meat. He's been in his kitchen maybe 5 times in teh 8 years he's lived there! Therese cooked a lot when they were back in Sweden, but since they came over it's so easy to go out or order in, and he's lazy so not too much cooking going on.

Pre game ritual is pre game skate, sleep for 2 hours and listen to music, then get ready and go to the rink around 4:30. He's got his routines. Some things he has to do otherwise they will lose. He didn't share any of them, probably so as not to jinx his routines. LOL


Henrik Lundqvist VIDEO of Boomer and Carton

I haven't watched this yet. Just trying to get it up on a post before I have to rush back to my Halo Reach game. I'll post video from his NHL store showing too. Off to kill the covenant!


Henrik Interviewed by Boomer and Carton

Want to listen to Henrik's on air interview? It's nice and long, not just a few minutes. And it's in english so we can understand it! Yeah! Of course it was here in New York so of course it was in english, but all the other on air interviews we have of him are in Swedish. So it's nice to understand things for a change.

Henrik is cute in this interview. He can bench press 250-275 pounds (he says the amount in kilos). Would never leave to play in the KHL. They kept trying to get Henrik to agree that Sidney Crosby is a diver (HE IS) but Henrik would just say 'no comment'.

They teased him pretty good about importing a Swedish girlfriend. Henrik wouldn't say her name on the air, said she was a good girl, understands him, cute. I've got a whole post devoted to Henrik's girlfriend, Therese. Of course the guys searched the web and were showing photos to Henrik to see if that was his girlfriend or not. I imagine this is the point when Henrik realized there are sites devoted to him and photos of him are all over the internet. He's probably now stumbling around Manhattan in shock.

The radio guys wanted to rate Henrik's girlfriend to see if she was hot enough for Hank. They at first pulled up a photo of Henrik with 'a hooker' according to them. Was it the photo of Henrik and Victoria? Then they pulled up a photo that was 5 years old according to Henrik and showed his arms. Could it be the one of Henrik and Therese in swimsuits? Don't know. At this point Henrik said he was uncomfortable talking about her. They also wanted to know if he uses the nickname The King at home in bed. LOL Poor Henrik.

An interesting thing was that Henrik said he has a girlfriend and is not married. Henrik immediately pointed that out. Hmm... But from what Henrik is saying, she's the perfect fit for him. But why would he say she's cute and a good girl instead of she's beautiful and the love of my life? Perhaps Henrik isn't a gushing, effusive person.

I'm pretty sure he was lying though when he said he likes Torts.


Photos of Henrik from the Cocktail Party Today

henrik lundqvist nhl cocktail party
Henrik Lundqvist (L) of the New York Rangers and socialite Cornelia Guest pose for a photo during the cocktail reception hosted by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter at The Monkey Bar on September 14, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images for the NHL)

henrik lundqvist cocktail party
I don't know if I like his jacket or not. It's interesting, but just so...I don't know. And I agree with Carol that it looks a little too small. I'm just not used to the Scandinavian style of jackets fitting so tight.


Henrik Lundqvist's Hair - The SECRET to the Style

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LMAO Oh poor Henrik. He had to have known that question was going to come up at some point as his hair doesn't move much! I love how he throws his head back and has a good laugh. It makes him look younger.


Henrik Lundqvist at NHL Player Media Tour

henrik lundqvist nhl commercial
Photo of Henrik behind the scenes from @thenyrangers. What an odd juxtaposition of the huge hockey jersey and slim pants and dress shoes!

Henrik was one of the few, 20 players, to get selected for the NHL media tour held in New York. As a matter of fact, Henrik could see his balcony from where they were!

"I can see my balcony," Lundqvist told NHL.com Tuesday morning from the penthouse floor inside the swanky Hudson Hotel on West 58th Street. "So it's easy for me to get here."

Physically speaking, yes, it was easy for the New York Rangers goalie to get to the host hotel for the 2010 NHL Player Media Tour, but in reality making it to the unofficial kickoff event to the NHL season requires years of hard work and good fortune.
henrik lundqvist nhl commercial
Photo of Henrik during commercials? Photo from @thenyrangers.

The players have two days to knock out a slew of responsibilities. Those promotional ads you see on the NHL Network? They're shot right here, right now. NHL.com is interviewing all the players here for stories now and in the future. The NHLPA also is here doing stuff for its Web site.

Versus, NBC, CBC, TSN and ESPN America (the League's European broadcast partner) are here doing interviews, promo shots, commercials, etc.

I'm so glad Lundqvist was picked! Now we'll get new commercials and photo shoots! The part that kills me though is this:
Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, an amateur photographer in his spare time, is taking Stamkos, Lundqvist, Doughty, Bergeron and Mike Cammalleri out Wednesday for his own photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

LOL Is he going to have them make a pyramid? Streak through Central Park? Wear their hockey gear while doing normal mundane things around the city? I'd like to see Henrik in full goalie gear getting a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor. What a bizarre photo that would make.

"I think it's fun," Lundqvist said. "It's fun to meet people, fun to do stuff. I definitely don't mind going out and meeting fans. We have a few events during the year with the Rangers, like casino nights, and I always enjoy that."

Henrik will be at the NHL tomorrow on Wednesday at noon EST. Don't forget! If you can't make it you can tweet questions from 11-12 for them to ask Hank. I'll have to ask if Hank has done any of the 10 Things. I'm pretty sure he's never gone cow tipping!

Lundqvist and Evgeni Malkin went to the U.S. Open Final in Queens, but Lundqvist said he left when it started raining and went right to Yankee Stadium to catch the concert.

I hope Henrik is enjoying his time in the limelight. I know I'll be enjoying his commercials and photos when they come out!


Henrik at John Varvatos Party

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In past interviews, I believe it was the Gilt Man interview, Henrik has said that he loves John Varvatos brand as they have great jackets. So it's no surprise that Henrik was invited and showed up to the 10th anniversary party.
henrik lundqvist john varvatos party
Look at him! I love that leather jacket. Doesnt' he look so good? He's just killing me here! I swear the Bond franchise needs to hire Henrik. Damn, he looks good in anything.

henrik lundqvist john varvatos
And here's a closeup of his blue/gray eyes and that beautiful jacket! He definitely needs a motorcycle with that jacket. OMG he's gorgeous!


Henrik with the Frolunda Indians

Here's a video showing Henrik with the Frolunda Indians from 2003 to 2006. He brought them to two championships during that time. Before that, it was a drought of I think over 50 years for the Indians! Henrik really is amazing. But we already knew that.


Henrik Lundqvist is a Ranger Puck Trap!

While watching this video I realized that Henrik is a human version of the venus fly trap. He snatches pucks out of the air and bam they're gone! Therefore I have developed a new nickname for Henrik: Ranger Puck Trap. LOL

I found this video using the amazing new tool developed by a college student: Youtube Instant. It starts working even with the first letter you type in.

This thing went live and according to the story the CEO of YouTube tweeted the student if he wanted a job, kid replies back is this a for real job offer, and CEO tweets back are you ready to leave school and sends a DM with a job offer! So cool. I love stories like that.


Video Interview with Henrik from MSG

Here's the MSG interview with Henrik that was shown tonight if you were lucky enough to be in the MSG area. Henrik is wearing some exceedingly white tennis shoes. I didn't know that he actually owned tennis/running shoes! From pausing the 1st second I can see that they're white high tops of some unidentifiable brand. I love listening to him talk.

I can't believe he said he's not going to change anything because he's 28, as if that is so old! Henrik!


Henrik Lundqvist at Fashion Night Out Tonight

Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't forget, if you're in the NY area, to tune-in at 9:30pm tomorrow to watch Tortorella, Lundqvist & Drury on a New York Rangers Special Hockey Night Live on MSGNetworks.

henrik lundqvist fashion week
Henrik has a deer in the headlight look here. I swear I've seen that chair at IKEA.

Sorry this didn't get to you earlier, but it was tweeted earlier today that Henrik would be at Hugo Boss tonight!

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Hank being interviewed by celebrity stylist Kate Nobelius.


Meet Henrik Lundqvist next Wednesday 9/15

henrik lundqvist gold in the net

Take a break from playing Halo Reach (release date is 9/14 and mine is on pre-order with Amazon.com) on 9/15 and go take in Henrik! Henrik will be in a question and answer session with Alyonka Larionov at the NHL store 1185 Avenue of the Americas.

A question and answer session! Unfortunately the session will be at noon, so probably the majority of all us working stiffs won't be able to make it. But you can tweet your question for Hank to the twitter feed @NHL on 9/15 next Wednesday between 9 and 11am.

Has Henrik ever just walked around his penthouse with nothing on but his Olympic gold medal? What does he put on his oatmeal in the mornings to make it palatable? Does he get kicked for snoring? Has he ever gone cow tipping? LOL


Meet Henrik Lundqvist

Thursday, September 9, 2010

henrik practice photos
Photo of Henrik at practice this morning in Tarrytown.

@thenyrangers Tweep Tip: Lundqvist & Del Zotto to attend special @FNOnyc event. Find out tomorrow how you can attend! #FNO


Henrik Lundqvist at the US Open Photos

henrik lundqvist us open photo
Ok, I'm going to have to admit that this is the most adorable photo I've seen of Henrik and Therese. He is looking at her so lovingly. And she's buttoned up tight in a thick jacket and still has that overgrown purse. It's not that cold out!

Henrik was at the US Open to cheer on fellow countryman Soderling.

Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, who helped Sweden to an Olympic gold medal in 2006, is a supporter of Soderling’s. They have never met but have spoken on the telephone, and Lundqvist said he hoped to attend Wednesday’s match. Lundqvist said he had watched the telecasts of some of Soderling’s big matches this year and had been struck by his mental toughness.

“Being a goalie, I know how large the mental part is,” Lundqvist said by telephone. “It’s so important, and you can see a difference now. He’s calmer and he looks mentally stronger.”

When told that Soderling has a reputation for being aloof around the other players, Lundqvist laughed and suggested the Scandinavian reserve did not translate well, especially in America.

henrik lundqvist therese andersson us open photos
LOL at Therese


10 Things Henrik Lundqvist Has Never Done

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

20100222-happy henrik
I got to thinking the other day, never a good sign, and realized that Henrik has been in the United States since 2005, and in New York state since that year also, but I bet he has not truly experienced some things that are all American. Here are the 10 Things Henrik Lundqvist has probably never done yet. And should.

1. Gone bowling. That bastion of blue collar fun, those stinky god awful bowling shoes, the difficult to manage sport when you've had a few would be an ideal place for Henrik and fellow NY Rangers to hang out for a night. I'm not saying Henrik should join a bowling league or anything (it would conflict with the NY Rangers games) but he definitely needs to experience it. At least once. Especially in a bowling team shirt from the 70s picked up at a used clothing store.

2. Gone shopping at Walmart. For some crazy reason, I don't think Henrik has stepped foot in a Walmart. And that is a crying shame. It is such an American institution. The people that shop there are even famous, though with Hank's fashion sense I don't think he needs to be worried about showing up on that website. I think we need to make a shopping list for Henrik when he goes to Walmart so that he visits as many sections as possible. And Avery should go with him to document the experience in photos. Can you see them running into Ovechkin and Crosby at Walmart? I bet it's their favorite store.

3. Rode a mechanical bull. Found in any good honky tonk, it's fun after you sign a waiver. It may look easy, but lasting 8 seconds on that bull on level 1 gets real hard after the 1st second. Trust me on this. I managed to make it by the skin of my teeth! I'd also love to see Henrik wear a cowboy hat. Yummy!

Garden of Dreams Spokesperson Henrik Lundqvist

4. Gone line dancing. Also at a country bar. Since country music is quite American, I think it's about time Henrik learned the steps to Boot Scootin Boogie. He needs cowboy boots, that yummy blue/white plaid shirt, tight Tiger of Sweden jeans and the black cowboy hat. Alex Ovechkin can tag along.

5. Watched a movie at a drive in theater. Can't you just see him snuggling down with a bag of Funions, his arm around Therese watching Slap Shot in the Maserati while smacking mosquitoes? Awwwww. Drive ins really are lots of fun. Even if the kid in the car next to you pukes. Repeatedly.

6. Gone snipe hunting. I know the Swedes are peaceful now, though they used to be vicious vikings, but this is one hunt that Henrik could stomach. The snipes are stupid birds that come out at night. They are so easy to catch all you need to do is wander around with a flashlight and the snipe will walk right to you where you can shove a bag over it and catch it. I'm pretty sure Avery will be more than happy to bring a 6 pack and take Henrik snipe hunting. I hope he video tapes it too. LOL Never heard of snipe hunting? Read up on it here but don't let Henrik see!

7. Bought over $100 worth of fireworks for the 4th of July. Nothing says you're American like buying shit and blowing it up. You're also not a true American till you've spent over $100 in one day on fireworks. Henrik has been here for several years, it's time for him to experience this great and wondrous of national holidays. Especially since he plays for a team with Lady Liberty as the mascot.

8. Eaten barbeque in the Deep South. I don't know if Henrik ever gets to wander around much when they travel, but the next time he's down South for a game, he needs to drive way out, past the run down trailers at the side of the highway with two satellite dishes (true story), past the old plantations with confederate flags still waving (true story) and eat some good barbeque at a side of the road place. There's nothing like it!

20100222-Henrik Lundqvist Push nightclub
Henrik and his buddies are ready for some cow tipping!

9. Gone cow tipping. Nothing to do between NHL games in the midwest? Go cow tipping! Henrik should take several teammates with him for this fun experience. I'm sure the only leather he's ever touched has not actually still been on the cow, so this could be a new experience for him. Never mind the actual pushing over of the sleeping cow. Best done after imbibing some beverages. Again, someone has to tape this. Hopefully Henrik will be wearing his cowboy boots (watch out for the cow pies) and cowboy hat for this fun and bonding activity. LOL

10. No idea. I just didn't want a list of 9. LOL If you've got any ideas leave them in the comments!


Where Was Henrik Lundqvist Today?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

henrik lundqvist tie
He was at Fashion's Night Out: The Show at Lincoln Center on September 7, 2010 in New York City and sporting a very nice tie!

I love it! It matches my bedspread too, actually. I'm serious! And look how tan he is.

henrik lundqvist therese anderssonAnd here's another photo, this one of Therese and Henrik. She looks happy and very tan. And I really like the color of her nail polish. HOWEVER, what the hell is she wearing? Henrik is in a sporty summer tie and she's in burnt yellow ochre full sleeves fall dress with a purse too large for her frame and dress. Can someone get her a personal assistant? Or can Avery stop over and dress her for the right season at least? Let alone have them match. I had horrible shudders when I saw her outfit. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she's happy and tan and shares a bed with Henrik at night. Not at all. Not whatsoever. Nope. Not one bit.


Henrik Lundqvist Is Impressed by Mats Zuccarello Aasen

Friday, September 3, 2010

new york rangers zamboni
Zamboni machine from practice this morning.

During the informal morning practice this morning, Mats Zuccarello Aasen showed off his quick hands (the ability to get the puck off the stick right after getting the puck) and landed some goals on Henrik.

Lundqvist on MZA: "He's got quick hands...u can tell he's a good player and the type who will be even better when speed of game increases"

From Henrik Lundqvist

The NY Rangers reporters also said
Hank is so competitive, even in a scrimmage, that he barked at Avery after his buddy beat him for hat trick goal!

Henrik also said it's too early to tell if anyone is playing different than last year. He said we'd have to wait for camp.


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