Henrik Lundqvist's Goalie Pads Trimmed

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Henrik Lundqvist

Here's a good view of his leg pad. I seriously do not know how he can skate with that bulky gear on.

There's a new rule about goalie equipment this hockey season in the NHL. The goalie pads need to be proportional to their body size. Before this rule they could have pads up to 38" length no matter how tall they were. With this rule about 15-20% of goalies had to trim their pads, and Henrik was one of them.

According to this article
The Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist, who is 6-1, said he had to cut “something like half an inch” off his pads under the new rule.

Under the new rule, each goalie is measured twice — first from the floor to the center of the knee, then from the center of the knee to the pelvic bone. The first measurement is added to 55 percent of the second measurement. To that sum, four inches is added, representing the height of the skate blade.

People have been complaining about Henrik using really large pads, but they are obviously measured and passed standards. It was probably that the 38" leg pads looked too big on his frame. Now hopefully all the complainers will be quiet about Henrik's goalie pads.

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist


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