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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

henrik lundqvist
Since we won't see Henrik in action till tomorrow, here's some animated gifs to tide us over. All made by waterinmylungs7. She's a Henrik freak too! Like all of us.
henrik lundqvist casino night
Here's Henrik at Casino Night.

Henrik looking Bond in the lineup.

You're eyes aren't blurry. It's the gif. It'll show Henrik's purty eyes in a second.

Henrik shaking his head 'Why yes, I do like frosted marshmallows in my cereal.'

Henrik is very happy that the top bid for his jersey was higher than anyone else's. Like he had any doubts.

Henrik smiling.

And here's the one we need stripper music for! Look at that hockey butt.

Henrik is looking right at you!

Henrik at a karaoke bar. I read about this but can't remember what show it was for or when it happened.

Henrik trying not to laugh his ass off at the bad karaoke.

Henrik dying laughing.

Henrik playing guitar. I don't like the hat.

More Henrik and his guitar.

Henrik reading the top 10 on Letterman.

Henrik during a photo shoot.

Henrik touching THE HAIR.

NY Post video of their photoshoot.


Joezayfan said...

I especially love the ones where he's laughing. These players are so serious a lot of the time, it's great to see them laughing and enjoying themselves sometimes. I love to see photos/videos of José smiling and laughing. Just warms my heart.

christine said...

Yeah Henrik is usually so serious in interviews that it's nice to see him laugh and just be a normal guy.

Anna said...

The one were he's dying laughing you can really read his lips when he says 'It's sick, but not in a good way'. I loved that clip because you could see how the guys laugh with each other and just make fun of each other a bit :)

christine said...

I love it when they goof off and tease each other. I wish we'd see more of that.

Alex aka waterinmylungs7 said...

It's really cool to see my gifs here. I especially love whenever he's happy and smiley in the post-game interviews.

I made a few more. Let me know if you want them :) You're totally right, I'm kind of a Hank addict.

christine said...

I would love to show off any Henrik stuff you make! Let me know what else you've got and I'll feature it.

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