Henrik in the Net for Friday Too

Thursday, September 30, 2010

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The NY Rangers beat writers said that Henrik will be in the net the entire game Friday against Ottawa. I'm not entirely happy about this. This is a pre-season game. Henrik has had knee problems and got cortisone shots in the summer. He had a 'tender groin' right before training camp. Isn't Henrik supposed to play less? Don't we have a good backup goalie?

I don't get it. Sure I'm thrilled Henrik will be in the net Friday and we can watch him in his awesome gloryness, but I'm worried about his health.

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Henrik dancing on ice.


CR9 said...

Hopefully, it's just a sign that Hennie's health is on the up and up.

And in preseason, it's not like he's going 100%. The games dont matter :)

christine said...

But Henrik plays every game like it matters!

Anna said...

I think, thinking about some of the comments he made this preseason, that Henrik is happy to play and that it's not a stupid thing to do. And like CR9 said, that it's porbably a sign that he is well, because if he wouldn't be Torts has a better back up goalie to play now, instead of wearing out his number 1 goalie in preseason. The thing is, I think it's good for Henrik to get quite some minutes on the ice before the season starts. He's always said that he doesn't feel as good in the net during the first games, that he needs a few games to really get into it and feel comfortable. Better to start that off and give him a part of that comfort during preseason than to rest him now and not let him get into the game yet. He'll feel more secure in the net during the first season games now.

Trish said...

He had a day off, which is more than he got many times last year. Sure, Biron will play more than the rotating cast that backed up HL last year, but it's still not like they're going to be splitting things 50/50. So two games in a row is just gearing him up for what he's going to have to deal with all year. I figure Biron will get games when there are back-to-back days. And who knows, there may even be time when Biron gets two games in a row, if he's doing well. that also may be why HL gets tonight - he played really well last time, so if he's on a roll, let him roll with it :)

Plus I saw something yesterday that said they went easy on the guys in practice just because some of them were showing up at the rink with colds. If they take those precautions for even the sniffles, I'm sure HL must be at 100%, or they'd stick Biron in there.

Worry not, Christine! :)

christine said...

Ok, ok, ok I guess I'll cancel the prayer circle for Henrik's knees and groin. He has said that he loves to play and shaking out the 'nerves' of the first few games in the preseason is a good idea. But I'm still going to be overprotective of his knees and groin! :)

Joezayfan said...

Hey, Christine...I'm sorry to clutter up your comments with an off-topic question to Anna, but I wasn't sure how else to get a message to her. I'm hoping she gets a notice when people reply here...anyway, Anna, I believe you are either from Sweden or more familiar with people/things over there than I am. Do you know who Caroline and Jennifer Bergstrom are? Their name had the little umlauts(?) above the o, so I thought they must be Swedish. Or Scandinavian of some sort. I found some old photos of José Theodore with 2 blonde girls that looked very similar, and they listed their names as that. And it was on a Swedish magazine site called Stureplan. I tried to search them online, but couldn't find anything. Just curious about who they are.

Sorry again, Christine. I'll delete this if I hear back from Anna.

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