Henrik Lundqvist Kicks Off Steiner MSG Partnership

Thursday, October 14, 2010

henrik lundqvist steiner sports
Photo quality is not the best at all.

Henrik was in another photoshoot. Shock! I know, how rare for him to be photographed. This time it was to kick off the Steiner Sports MSG partnership. The one where used sports equipment is sold by Steiner. Brandon Steiner had some photos up from the photoshoot.


Anonymous said...

Man! How tall is that basketball player - Damn!

He's like the tallest guy there!

christine said...

Henrik is 6'1" so that guy has to be over 7 feet!

Anonymous said...

Its Amazing to see tall people.... At least for me and I'm 5'9 ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Takk for interessant informasjon

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