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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

henrik lundqvist theresse
Henrik and Therese. She looks really good in purple. It's nice to see them in a photo with his arm around her.

According to this news release (and wow is Princess Madeleine about to fall out or what) Henrik Lundqvist is lending his voice to the radio campaign. Sirius XM Radio has joined with the foundation in this new campaign.

I really love her outfit! It looks younger and flirty. Henrik looks good as always. I like his pointed shoes. I like the tie. Oh, I love it all!

Many Swedish celebrities are helping with this campaign as it was founded by Queen Silvia. This campaign is serving the most vulnerable children worldwide, especially those who are victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, with special attention being given to girls and young mothers. I knew about this foundation a few months ago but never found out what it was until now. The Queen, Princess, Henrik and all involved get my heartfelt appreciation. There's not many foundations or organizations out there for this cause, and it is a much needed one. The veil of secrecy and shame is a strong one. As someone that could have benefited from this foundation, I am glad it exists.

Here is the link to the World Childhood Foundation. You can even donate online.

henrik lundqvist queen silvia
Queen Silvia is in the pink, Princess Madeleine next to her. Henrik, I shouldn't have to point out to you.


Anonymous said...

Crickets Sound

Door Creeaking - Dark.......Hello?


What no clothong discussions??? No gf talk??? Nothing - Ouch!

christine said...

Anonymous - where are you from?

I can only assume everyone is busy with work/school or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm @ work....Lol

Lunch Break Actually. I got some time that's why.

I'm just used to coming here and reading long comments n stuff.

christine said...

Me too. I don't know what happened to Anna, Trish and I think there were some others too. I know Carol still pops up.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - Yeah well. I'll start our Girl Talk Today Then....If you don't mind.

Yeah ....So.... *hair flip*..... Great Cause....They both look lovely and happy.

And Yes, Therese looks good, now she looks age appropriate(sp).....Shes 28 By the way If Ya'll don't know. Yeah....There she looks 25 maybe. So it's all Good.

Henrik of course looks good! Hey ! How you doin'???

You know what i thought would be cute, If he wore a tie to match his gf blouse. A nice purple tie. Of course it wouldn't Match his outfit, But it would match his Gf.

christine said...

You know, I don't think I've ever seen them match outfits. That seems like the thing they should try to do when they're going to be out and about and getting photographed.

Henrik could have worn his lavender October hockey cure for cancer tie that he had on in that Ryan Miller photo.

Have you noticed that whenever he's in a pic with a fan he'll put his arm around but keeps his hand closed? But with Therese he'll open the hand up and hold her. Awwwwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,um you know as much as i admire that lavender shirt. I don't think it would go well here.

A tie is a nice descrete way, I mean it's cute when you see couples matching. Don't listen to people who say It's Cheesy,Henrik!

I believe it's 90% of our communication is non verbal so yeah. I mean you don't want to hug some creepy fan....ugh. Hahahaha

Like I said it's very cute

Anonymous said...

1 more thing to add. This is about kids.

Now they are both approaching the 30 mark.

Um, I know that they are not in hurry to get wed. But they should think about it.

I mean if they have a baby @ 30 years old, Ok they will both be 40 when the kid turns 10.

I know your boyfriend has millions but Don't you want for the kids to be in college or whatever so you and your hubby want to spend time together. Or ya know just have some freedom. Like most older folks do.

- I would. Not that I don't like kids, but ya know. We women like to bounce back to our old life after we marry and have kids.

I'm being very nosy now. I'll stop rattling.

I know I sound like an old lady, but I'm not - Hahaha I'm only 23.

Joezayfan said...

Yup, busy, busy. Now that José has been signed, I'm keeping busy trying to keep up to date on my blog with his news and then my goalies blog with all the masks, etc. Good times. But I still check in with all your posts. I think Henrik and Therese look great in these photos. They are an adorable couple.

christine said...

I figured you were busy. I got very busy too.

Anna said...

I'm still reading, just really quickly in between everything else. October seems to be a busy month for everyone. Think they look lovely in these pics, I like how they simply look relaxed and happy.

I'd steal that outfit!

I really like how Henrik likes to give his support to good causes, he especially seems to care about children.

Really hoping for a good game to come now...

Joezayfan said...

Hey, Anna. You seem to know more about Swedish stuff than some of us, so I was wondering, do you know who Caroline and Jennifer Bergstrom are? Their name had the little umlauts(?) above the o, so I thought they must be Swedish. Or Scandinavian of some sort. I saw them in some photos of José back in the day, and I was just curious who they are.

Anna said...

Hey Joezayfan. Had to look those up cause I didn't know who they were. The only thing I could find about them is that they hang around Stureplan in Stockholm, which is Swedens brat district. It's very well known in Sweden and often made fun of a little, haha. It's mostly rich kids, celebrities, half celebrities and wannabe celebs that go out there. Henrik has been there too, although he usually hangs out at the other side of the country. When Jose played for Djurgården (one of the Stockholm hockey teams) during the lockout year, he seemed to go out at Stureplan quite a bit. And as those two girls seem to be well known faces around Stureplan, that's where they met. They seem to know Sofie Fahrman too, another Stureplan-girl that's also friends with Henrik and a friend to princess Madeleine from Sweden. So basically, everyone knows (or wants to know) everyone there at Stureplan, and Jose hung out with friends of Hanks friends there, haha.

Joezayfan said...

Thanks much, Anna! (This is Carol by the way, I just changed my username when a guy made fun of me and my site in his SB Nation article.) I can't believe that I did not put 2 and 2 together and realize this was probably during his time in Sweden. Duh! That totally escaped me! Makes perfect sense now...I just couldn't figure out why they would've been in Montreal, because I could tell he would've been about the age when he played in Montreal (but also Sweden for the lockout.)

Thanks so much for the info. I kind of wondered if they were kind of like Paris Hilton's of Sweden...don't really do much except show up at night clubs and parties, etc.

José seemed to enjoy the night life during those years, so it's not surprising that he was hanging out at these places in 2005. Thanks again!!

Anna said...

No problem Carol! I have no idea what they do normally besides hanging out there, but I wouldn't call them Paris Hiltons haha. They're not well known here in Sweden or anything, just around Stureplan I guess. Then again I'm not so into all the gossip, so maybe other Swedes do know who they are. But unlike Paris Hilton, they're not famous outside the fancy night clubs I think.

Found it pretty funny to find a personal link between Jose Theodore and Henrik though! Big chance that Jose has been around Sofi Fahrman or that these twins have met Henrik too. Two goalies with the same Stureplan group of friends lol.

Joezayfan said...

That is very cool that Henrik and José hung out with the same people. I would faint if I ever found a photo of them together hanging out together at Stureplan.

I do know that during the lockout season when José played for Djurgarden, they played Frolunda during the semifinals of the SEL championship. I read somewhere that they faced each other in the playoffs. I'd love to find video of that game. ;o)

Anna said...

I doubt they have been hanging out together there haha, Henrik's only been there to celebrate the olympic win and during his summer breaks. Don't think he used to go there while still playing in Sweden, especially not during the season.

Yeah they faced each other I think, Henrik won everything possible that year. So poor Jose for that!

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