Henrik on Tonight's Win Over Devils

Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Recently Updated

Some quotes from Henrik thanks to Carp:
On a late shot that he thought had gotten through him

“It was deflected and instead of going in my stomach it almost went through my arm. I wasn’t sure I made the save or not, and it was almost like, for a second there, I thought it was a goal and my shoulders dropped a little. But the next second I realized the puck was in front of me.

“So you need some luck. Tight games, you need that extra bounce, and tonight we had it. But I think we earned it after working so hard the whole game and really, I think we played a solid 60-minute game.”

On the common thread:

“I think we played simple and hard. The guys have been working really hard and it’s been paying off. We’re just finishing checks a little more, and guys are skating a little harder, and a lot of blocked shots. We’re really paying the price the last couple of games and it’s great to see.”


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