Henke Lundqvist Has A Shutout! NHL GameCenter Live Sucks

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yeah!! I'm so happy for him. Finally the NY Rangers win and Hank has his 1st shutout of this season and 25th of his career. He made 35 saves tonight.

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From Kevin:
Henrik Lundqvist on passing Mike Richter on the Rangers all-time shutout list...

"It's special,” said Lundqvist, in his fifth season. “He's (Richter) been around for a long time, such a big part of this organization. Now I've got to keep going with a couple more."

Some fun Henrik facts from this game's announcer chatter: Henrik only sharpens his skates twice a year. And he has a 1/4" inch sharpen height on the inside blade of his skates. Not very many goalies have their skates sharpened like that but Henrik does.

Henrik also said that his favorite Halloween costume as a kid was dressing up as a Swedish viking! LOL I hope someone finds a photo of that. I didn't even know that they had Halloween over there, I thought it was just an American holiday of get as much candy as possible.

No screencaps from this game because it was blacked out on NHL Gamecenter Live online because it was shown nationally on the NHL network. Now if the NHL network was available from my cable provider I would have bought it. But it's not. And so I can't watch the game online either?
NHL Network is a national television network in the US, and every cable and satellite provider in the US has the right to carry that channel. We cannot adjust the blackout rights assigned to any network because a particular provider elects not to offer an NHL television partner to their subscribers.

Well la de da then. I guess paid subscribers of the online service (because the NHL network is not in their area) are just SOL. They do care about hockey fans don't they. I guess I'll just watch it from a website that streams the live TV feed then. Thank god for myp2p.eu.


Joezayfan said...

Yeah, I've run into a couple times the Wild games being blacked ou on NHL GameCenter, and I'm not sure why. I realized that the Hawks and Blues would be sometimes, because they are pretty local and are on a couple Fox channels. But I didn't understand why 2 of the Wild games were. Then last night, the Wild game was NOT blacked out. I was so confused. Maybe the others were on NHL network or something also. I'm not going to mind until José starts and then I can't watch it. And at least I can watch it 48 hours later, but still...I'm sure it's much more complicated than I know, but bleh.

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