NY Rangers Lost. Again. Video

Monday, October 18, 2010

henrik lundqvist
But Henrik was still amazing making 31 saves. From Jesse's blog

“A loss is a loss, you know?” Lundqvist said. “It doesn’t really matter how you lose. You’re not getting the points. So, that’s always frustrating. We’re right there. It’s been close games, where the last five to eight minutes, it’s gone the other way. We have to stay positive knowing that we’re close.”

And this from Nick another NY Rangers beat writer
Before fans start pointing the finger of blame, allow me to state that it should NOT be pointed at goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. Henrik kept the score from being embarrassing. For that he deserves praise if anything. Once again he is being given no support and you can tell he is really starting to get frustrated based on his body language out on the ice. I cannot blame him for that.

How can you go in and pester players after they lose a game? I'd hate that job. I feel so bad for Henrik. He seems so sad.


Anna said...

Usch, it's just so terribly frustrating.

Trish said...

Very frustrating, especially since it was one of the rare Rangers national broadcasts, meaning I could actually watch on my TV.

And I feel bad for HL as well, to the point where I felt like talking to my TV to tell him it wasn't his fault on those goals, lol.

Anonymous said...

I had high hopes for this team. Frustration is a light way to describe it.

That makes us 1-3-1,I believe.

I'm afraid that March(playoffs) will not be an option for us this year -AGAIN.

With Gaborik out(6 weeks)and Prospal completley out. Rangers are barely getting by.Not a good sign. MAke Changes Torts!

christine said...

I was so excited after Stepan's hat trick. I thought this was the year we had a chance for the Cup. HA Now I think that the NHL should stop sending me emails about NYRangers stuff to buy and instead send all Rangers fans links on where to get the cheapest anti depressants. It's brutal.

Trish said...

No, no, no, can't afford to have fans using up all the anti-depressants - they need to be saved for Hank. Do you remember his final interview after the SO loss to Philly in April? He needs them more than we do...

christine said...

Hell after this last game Henrik's interview was so sad I thought he was going to just sit down and start bawling. He needs zoloft now. But the fans need some too if we're going to get through the day!

Anonymous said...

Plus the Refs are soo messed up on the calls.

Sometimes they make a call when its not required, and when its "legal" they call on it.

And our team is fking messed up by injury. Urgh!

And as much as I like Henrik, he has responcibility to the loss as well. He lets in goals that he can get. Soft goals. He has at least 1 or 2 of these a game. Which is not helpfull to our already Weak Defence.

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