Great Henrik Lundqvist Photos

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While we're in this depressive blue funk, and sad for how the NY Rangers are letting Henrik down, I'm going to cheer us up with some great Henrik photos.
King Henrik
This is from 2007. He looks like a warrior rushing out into battle.
King Henrik takes the ice
This one is from 2008.
King Henrik
2009. Look at those long eyelashes.
Henrik Lundqvist
2006. I'm surprised after playing a goalie for so many years professionally, that Henrik doesn't have lower back problems.
2010-10-18 at 18-11-09
The back view.
This is my goal!
This is a really cool photo from 2006.
henrik lundqvist long hair
This one is from 2009 and shows his long hair. I really like his hair long. Photo taken by Wendy Bullard at one of the NY Rangers games. She also points out that at that game she couldn't get good photos of Henrik because Sean Avery was always sitting on his lap on the bench!


Joezayfan said...

Thumbs up on the longer hair. I like to call it the "hockey flow." Seeing a hockey player's hair coming out the back of his mask/helmet makes me smile. Unless it's a mullet...then NO! ;o)

christine said...

Long hair down on the neck ... I swoon! I love it. I love the photos of Henrik where he has his mask on and you can see hair out the bottom of the mask. I have no idea why, but it seems to be some sort of primal instinct thing but it's sooooooo attractive!

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