Henrik Lundqvist Had Tears Streaming Down

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You know that part near the end of the game when Henrik was hiding his face behind his gloves and stick and we all thought he was crying? He was.
@RangersTribune Nick Montemagno
As the tears stream down from Lundqvist's face (who put on a hell of a performance in the series), buzzer sounds and the NYR done for 10-11.

:( Now I feel worse about the loss. I'm completely heartbroken for Henrik. My god.

It's really amazing though that Henrik could get a hold of himself and then go out and shake hands with the Caps and smile and be gracious. He is a stellar guy.


Henrik Lundqvist Gave His Heart.

Ovechkin just told Lundqvist that he's that snappiest dresser in the league, best NHL player and he's got a poster of Henrik on his wall at home.

The NY Rangers season is over.

- Henrik Lundqvist

You and me both.

Henrik Lundqvist made 24 saves in net to finish his playoff campaign with a 1-4 record, along with a 2.25 goals against average and a .917 save percentage in five games. His 2.25 goals against average ranks sixth in the NHL, while his .917 save percentage ranks seventh in the league. Lundqvist appeared in each of the Rangers’ final 31 games dating back to Feb. 11 at Atlanta, and has started in each of the Rangers’ last 34 playoff contests.

I'm really sad it's over. Before Game 4 bombed I really thought we'd go to Round 2. Now I'm sad. Double sad for Henrik. I swear he was crying on the bench. He gave it all.

Have a good summer Henrik. Take a nice break. Lay on the beach. We still love you.


Henrik Lundqvist Photos!

I think it's time for some uplifting, soul healing photos of our guy Hank. We need to get over the demoralizing loss in Game 4, and the demoralizing snubbing of no Vezina Trophy nomination. Our guy is still incredible!

sweet bitch henrik lundqvist

smiling henrik lundqvist

henrik lundqvist gorgeous smile

beneath henrik lundqvistYou'll always be beneath Henrik Lundqvist. Get used to it.

The power of Henrik!

henrik lundqvist suit
Dear god he looks good in a suit.


Henrik's Post Practice Quotes

From Henrik Saves. She has good taste. Notice what Ovechkin says in this. LOL

From Carp:
“I think we need everybody to play their best to have success and maybe when there’s no room for us to turn the other way … you know, there’s no where else for us to go other than winning right now. Hopefully we’ll challenge ourselves to just play our best.

“That’s what we need. The whole year we’ve been pretty good when we were in tough spots, challenged ourselves or been challenged. We’ve stepped up to the plate. So we still have some confidence here. We believe in each other, we believe we can do it. We’re facing a good team and we’re down 3-1 so it looks pretty tough. But we believe we can do it.”

On Capitals trying to jump on the Rangers in the early going:

“Oh we’re going to try to do the same thing. We want to make sure they know we’re there to compete and I think it’s important that we focus on our game. We know what we have to do. Me personally, I know what I have to do, and just focus on my job and not think too much about ‘What if’ or consequences, or what’s going to happen if we win or lose. We just have to focus on what we have to do and really break it down to the first 10 minutes, then for the next 10 minutes and then after that the next 10 minutes.”

“It’s been tight games, no question, and with some luck it could have been a different story. But it is what it is. We’re down 3-1 and we just habe to accept it and I think we all believe in each other and that we can do it. That’s where it starts.”

On getting over Game 4 with a day off the ice Thursday.

“Not so much get over what happened, but physically it was a tough game. I was exhausted. So yesterday I was still tired. Today was a good practice day. So, yeah, I like the extra day. Tomorrow there won’t be any excuses for not being ready and play our absolute best.”

On the late Capitals surges in games:

“You have to realize in the playoffs you’re playing good teams. They’re a good team, and sometimes during the year, maybe you can make a mistake and still get away with it. But playing a team with so much skill up front, if you make mistakes there’s a big chance they make you pay for it. So that’s a big thing. You have to almost play perfect. And you have to play really hard.”

“Like i said, it is what it is. You’re hoping to get that win (in Game 4) and be tied right now. But there’s no point in looking back. We just have to get ready for tomorrow. I look forward to it.”

Do elimination games feel different?

“It can be. It depends how you, I mean, you can put yourself in a tough spot, but you can also angle it and make sure you just enjoy it and see it as a great challenge. I think the whole playoffs, the key is to just be in a good place mentally. It is a lot more pressure and more expectations, and you’re more excited and more nervous. So the mental part is huge. Playing in an elimination game, I think the mental part weighs even more.”

On 3-1 being different now than it was years ago:

“Yeah. I think you’re going to see even more moving forward. You see what happened last year, and this year, teams … it can change so fast because the difference between teams is so small. Maybe in the past, if you had a 3-1 lead, it usually meant the other team was a lot better. I don’t think that’s the case any more. It’s more about finding ways to win games. This series has been very tight. It could have been a different story here with some luck or whatever. Yeah, nothing is impossible anymore and we definitely see this as a possible, achievable test.”

Did he think “That’s us” when he watched Chicago close the series to 3-2 after going down 3-0 to Vancouver:

“I mean, it just shows that it can change really fast. In the first three games it looked like Vancouver, looked like the best team in the playoffs. Then it turns so fast. A lot of it is mental. It’s how you think, how you approach it, how you focus, how much pressure you put on yourself. Again, especially in the playoffs, it’s a constant battle with your brain, I think. You just try to see everything in a positive way so it benefits you.”

So who’s winning, him or his brain?

(Laughs out loud) “I don’t know yet. We’ll see. We’ll see.”

“It is the toughest part, when you add more pressure and more excitement, because your brain is working a lot more.”

On how much he’s grown in the mental department, from the shootout loss in Game 82 last year, through this season and these playoffs so far:

“Yeah, I feel like … I mean, I don’t want to say … it’s not like you solve anything and figure it out. You try just to grow and to learn from the past and experience. And every year’s different. I said all along, I have pretty much the same feeling now as I had when I was 22 — excited. Maybe better to control your emotions and stay cool, try to stay cool.”

“I try to do the same thing (to prepare) as I’ve done the last couple of months. You’re just maybe a little more excited because it’s do or die here.”

Does a team lose some of the pressure when it loses its third game in a series?

“I don’t know. I think every year, every series is different. It depends on how you get there and how you’re playing. I mean, I can’t really say the pressure’s off. We have to win, or else we’re out. So we still have pressure. But knowing that if we win tomorrow, I know they’re going to have a lot of pressure coming back to New York. So that’s exciting. Like I say, you try to twist everything so it benefits you, it motivates you to, ‘OK, let’s just go in and focus on this game and if we win that one …’”

Is there pressure on the Capitals to prove they can close out a series?

“I don’t know. I’m just going to focus on us. I don’t know how they feel. I don’t really care, either. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask them.”


Henrik Lundqvist Got Robbed Of The Vezina Trophy Nomination

Friday, April 22, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist has 11 shutouts this season. He leads the entire league in shutouts. He carried the NY Rangers into the playoffs. And he didn't even get nominated. I'm stunned. I thought this was the year he would win it. Luongo got nominated and his play has gotten worse and worse throughout the season. And Henrik didn't get nominated?

What the hell does Henrik have to do to get nominated for this thing let alone win it?! I don't know what to think. This is a gross error on the part of the general managers. Have any of them watched Henrik play? Have they seen his amazing saves on YouTube? WHAT THE HELL.


Henrik and Game 4

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I think I'm finally recovering the ability to think and not moping. This morning I was pretty much just still stunned. How could this have happened? I feel so bad for Henrik having to work so hard, make 49 saves, go into double overtime, just to have a teammate screw up horribly when Henrik was jumping on the puck. We lost the game due to that screwup. Oh yes I know we had 7 powerplays and we did nothing with them, but to lose the game in double overtime due to a mistake from a teammate, well that's harsh. I bet Henrik just wanted to keel over on the ice and just lie there.

Henrik was flat out amazing, stunning, what have you. Here's his save on Ovechkin that had #8 just stunned at not making the goal.

Forty-nine saves over more than 92 minutes and this is what Henrik Lundqvist got for it. The puck was basically stolen from him by his own teammate, Marian Gaborik, hurtling back clumsily on defense. Then it was hitting Jason Chimera in the chest and rolling behind the goalie onto the stick of Chimera in front of an empty Ranger net for the game winner.

How fair is that? Lundqvist had fought cramps, dehydration, fatigue, a veritable siege from Washington's mighty forwards. And it was all gone with one messy clearance, a miscommunication and a flick of Chimera's stick. Game 4, which had belonged so definitively to the Rangers, was now an aching memory, a 4-3 loss in double overtime and a 3-1 series lead for the Caps.

The rest of the article is at NY Daily News. And here's ESPN's take on it.

First Gaborik disappears for weeks and doesn't score and then he costs us the game. Do you think the team held Gaborik down and let Henrik beat the crap out of him?


Henrik Grows a Beard Because He Can

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Henrik is a beast. We all knew that. But he's damn cool too. According to Andrew Gross, Henrik is not doing the 'stache but instead will go with a full beard
Henrik grows a beard like a boss. He also says that Dubi's mustache is so bad it's good and it's one of the uglier ones he's ever seen. LOL

The Capitals have been quoted as saying that they plan to put more pressure on Henrik during Game 4. Going after Lundqvist really is the only way to beat the NY Rangers.

And Henrik's thoughts after practice today:
We're not thinking about what they feel or how they're going to respond, we need to focus now because we need this win. We need to raise our game because they are going come back hard after a loss like that. But we're not going to think about where they are mentally or physically. We're still down and we want to tie this up


How Henrik Lundqvist Prepares for the Stanley Cup Playoff Games

Monday, April 18, 2011

henrik lundqvist locker room Look at how sexy his feet are! And how narrow. I love these behind the scenes photos.

New York Rangers' first chance in the Stanley Cup playoffs are on Henrik Lundqvist.
Goalkeeper fill up with meticulous preparation in the form of silence, solitude and a long shower.
- To determine how well I play, "he says.
"You should have the same feeling whether it's a goal or a rescue."
The idea is that Henrik Lundqvist use to describe what mental strength means to him.

More than a phone call from the hotel room in Washington says the goalkeeper for the TT on the process to achieve the right feel for the game after game during the long season in the NHL.

"When I was younger it was just to go out and play, but the older I become the more I started thinking. Now I am very particular about my preparations and try to have a clear head when it's time for the match, "he says.

-Then it is all very different. Our second goalie, Martin Biron, talking out of the place and it is only with one minute left as he gets ready.

Henrik Lundqvist's path is much longer than that.

Even when he wakes up, the idea is set for tonight's match and one hour into the afternoon intensified preparations.

-When I listen to music, resting and relaxing. While I go through what is good for my game, how to keep the gloves, how to touch me, the basic position should be, "he says.

With two and a half hour before face-off Lundqvist arriving to the arena in a suit and step into a noisy dressing room that is filled with adrenaline fueled opponents of the New York Rangers.

"I'm not a sound when I come. If anyone asks or says something so they often just some sort of nod back, "he says.

After the goalkeeper has collected thoughts over a 20-minute showers, becoming the procedure of taping the sticks while he listens to music with big headphones that will not allow any sound from the outside world bother him.

- There is no Lattjo, laughter or football heating with the others on the team, but I do everything alone. The only thing that applies to me is the match and the more important the match is even quieter, I am, "he says.

When Henrik Lundqvist then, is the first New York Rangers player who puts the right skate on the ice and takes a few quick cuts to the first objective is the preparation overall.

The mental strength has made him one of the NHL's top goalies.
After 82 rounds of the series because he was alone with eleven zeros, and was also featured in the top of all columns for goalie stats.

Now it is very up to Lundqvist, the first playoff round against Washington should stop - which is home audience knows about.

Before Sunday's match, when New York Rangers reduced to 1-2 in games, yielded 18 200 spectators Swede a massive welcome by chanting his name.
- There is great pressure on us goalkeepers and it's no secret that we have to play well for the team to have a chance to win, "he says.

TT: What would it mean for you to win the Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers?
"It's a dream, a big dream. Getting the win with New York would be great. But there is no objective - that is to win the next game. I will not look too far ahead.

So do Henke Lundqvist:
For each match uses Henrik Lundqvist of the same preparation. Even on the ice, he practices. So here he says of his habits:

He is the last player to leave the locker room, but is first out on the ice. "The same routine that I've had since I jumped into the playoffs with Frölunda when Petter Rönnqvist injured."

He hits the club twice in the ice, once a right-pole and two on one benskyddet. Then he cranks arms two laps, stretching one leg and sliding towards the goal area of ​​staring into the ice. "There are procedures that I use about four times a week in the game. It's nice - but not the whole world if I do just so."

During breaks he rests his arms against the shin and staring into the ice. "I collect ideas. Collectables force. Will the same thoughts as before a game. Since it does not take many minutes until everything is on edge again.


Henrik Lundqvist Post Game 3 Quotes

Sunday, April 17, 2011

henrik lundqvist goalie swedish

stanley cup new york rangers

Henrik Lundqvist from Carp:

“We’re definitey in this. We have a chance. We’re still down 2-1 but I think a big thing for us is that we can believe we can do it. We believe in each other and that’s where it starts.”

On feeding off the crowd:

“Absolutely. It’s just a great feeling to be back here and play playoff hockey in front of our own fans. It’s been two years. That’s why you work hard all year. You want to be here and feel ghat excitement, atmosphere. I love it.”

“I feel a lot of pride to be here right now. You work hard all year to be here. I took it very personal last year when we didn’t make it. I felt I could have helped the team more.”

Asked about his five-game playoff losing streak:

“Thanks for reminding me. (laughs). I actually didn’t think about it. Now I know. ... I try not to get too involved if we’re winning or losing or how we’re playing. I just have to focus on my job. Because it’s hard for me if I get too involved if we’re scoring or not scoring, winning or losing. I get too emotional and I start making bad decisions. I need to focus on just stopping the puck and hopefully that will be enough to help the team win. So I try to break it down and not focus too much on my past or current game. The game is too tough for me to think about, what are we going to do?”

“I know I have to play well, and I know I have to be on top of my game to help the team win, especially against this team. They don’t give up much. It’s not a surprise to me that I need to be sharp. But it feels a lot better, though, I’ll tell you that, when you win, and you feel the support from everyone.”

On if there’s a feeling of fear of a letdown when the Caps tied it 2-2 late:

“You might get that feeling for a couple of seconds, then you just have to get it out of your head. My thought was to get it to overtime. When they tied it, ‘OK, let’s get it to overtime, regroup before we go out there.’ That was my focus. ... When they tied it, they got a lot of confidence and got going. So for me personally, I said, ‘Calm down, get it to OT, and we’ll regroup and go out and win it.’”

“It definitely was a test for us. A couple of things went against us tonight. They got that late goal in the second, and then we felt we were up 2-1 and didn’t get it. So mentally it was a test for us. But we passed. We did a good job of staying focused and in control and fighting. That’s so important in these games, that you don’t lose focus and get too frustrated or too excited. You need to be cool.”

“I think it was a similar feeling after the first. We had a big opportunity 5-on-3 and didn’t get a goal, so it was important for everybody to say, ‘Let’s stay together and be positive and play even better in the next period. There’s a lot of pressure in these games. It’s important you stay together and stay positive. We pretty much talked about the same things after the first and the second: ‘We got this. Keep going and we’ll get a chance or two.’”


Henrik Lundqvist Game 3 Photos

henrik lundqvist stretching stanley cup playoffs game 3
That boy can stretch. Photo thanks @RangersTribune.

2011 stanley cup playoffs ny rangers rally towel


Henrik Lundqvist's Current Records

Photo from Game 1 thanks to Rachel.

Records info from Carp:
Henrik Lundqvist was named the NHL’s Third Star of the Week for the period ending Mar. 27 after posting a 2-0-1 record, 0.32 GAA, .987 Sv% and two shutouts in three games. On Mar. 26, Lundqvist established a new career-high with his league leading, 11th shutout of the season, while appearing in his 400th career game. His 11 shutouts tied for second in team history for most shutouts in a season, and are the most by a Ranger since John Ross Roach posted 13 shutouts in 1928-29. He is now one of two active goaltenders with at least two seasons of 10+ shutouts (M. Brodeur – 4). Lundqvist also posted his 30th win of the season on Mar. 18 vs. Montreal to extend his NHL record by recording 30 or more wins in six consecutive seasons to begin his career, and extend his franchise record by posting his sixth straight 30-win season. Lundqvist established a new career-high by appearing in his 22nd consecutive contest (dating back to Feb. 11) on Mar. 31 at Long Island. Lundqvist has appeared in 28 straight games entering today’s contest, and has started each of the Rangers last 31 playoff games.

Henrik and the NY Rangers Game 3 Today It's on NBC at 2pm CST or 3pm EST. Support your favorite Swedish Goalie!


Grow Your Playoff Beard! What are Ladies to Grow?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Join the NY Rangers Beardathon. All fine and dandy for the guys but what are the ladies to do? Stop shaving our legs? Let our underarm hair grow?

Two female Capitals fans have started a Rock The Bush campaign for their team. What will the lady NYRangers fans do?


Meet Henrik Lundqvist Video

I love Dexter too. I love his favorite quote. It's so him when he's on the ice.


4/14 Post Practice Lundqvist Interview

I just wish the Rangers would survive Round 1 just for Henrik.


Henrik Lundqvist Key According to Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has an article on how the NY Rangers and that other team's chances all rest on Henrik. :( So much pressure!

The fortunes of two teams rest largely on one player's shoulder pads in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal, and will likely remain there. Henrik Lundqvist is simply the most important player in a series that his New York Rangers should logically not be able to win.
The Blueshirts are neither as strong, nor as big, nor quite as fast, and certainly not as potentially explosive as their opponent. The Washington Capitals know it. They breathed a sigh after Alexander Semin's goal near the end of the first overtime gave the heavy favorites a come-from-behind 2-1 win in Game 1.
Great save in Game 2. Check out those splits!

"Lundqvist is a great goalie and it's hard to get a nice goal against him," Semin said.
No doubt Lundqvist, who led the NHL with 11 shutouts this season and nearly managed another on Wednesday night, gives New York a fighting, scratching chance to upset the East's top seed. Simply refer back to last spring when a goalie of lesser prominence, Montreal's Jaroslav Halak, fueled a rally against Washington in the opening round. The Caps, then up three games to one, stunningly scored just one goal in each of the remaining matches and lost the series in seven.
Great goaltending is the crucial weapon for the Rangers, who don't have a great deal of firepower in their battle with a team that has it in abundance. Even with their brand-new emphasis on defense, the Capitals' artillery -- Alex Ovechkin, Semin, Nick Backstrom, and Mike Green -- can run up the score. Toward the end of the regular season, Washington struck when it had to and was transformed from a team that went eight straight games without a win in midseason to the No. 1 seed in the East by the start of the playoffs.
"We have great respect for their firepower," Rangers' captain Chris Drury said before Game 1. "We need to play smart, capitalize on our chances and, what can you say, get a great performance from Henrik."
In his last two regular season games against Washington, Lundqvist turned away a total of 66 shots in 6-0 and 7-0 wins, an ominous sign for a Caps team that was already facing enough psychological hurdles in the playoffs. Then in Game 1, Lundqvist stopped 31 of 32 shots through the first 78 minutes.

After a goaltending duel between Henrik Lundqvist and Michal Neuvirth, Alexander Semin scored 18:24 into overtime to give the Capitals a 2-1 win over the eighth-seed Rangers in Game 1 of their first-round series.
"Honestly, we started asking ourselves, 'hey, what do we have to do to beat this guy?'" said Caps coach Bruce Boudreau. "Even when we did things right, they went wrong."
Actually, the Caps did beat Lundqvist, but they rang the iron three times. Among them, Backstrom, Semin and Mike Knuble hit one post and two cross bars. And Ovechkin had two baseball swings at what were admittedly tough elevated passes, but they would have gone in had he made solid contact. As it was, Washington had a scouting report that was vaguely referenced in the dressing room: shoot high against the Ranger goalie. The Caps felt they could not beat Lundqvist along the ice.
"I don't know if I'd say Henrik has their number," said Rangers defenseman Marc Staal. "I think he's just a good goalie. I wouldn't know where to shoot against him, either."
The Caps think they'll their chances against Lundqvist. On Wednesday, with New York ahead, 1-0, on a goal by unlikely hero Matt Gilroy, Washington evened the score on what both Ovechkin and Boudreau termed a "greasy goal," the sort of garbage it often takes to break through against a hot keeper. With Staal wrapped around him, Ovechkin jammed a free puck past Lundqvist at the goalmouth with a superb second effort. It took a lengthy video review to confirm that the goal was legal. "We need to do that sort of thing against Lundqvist the rest of the series," Knuble said after the game. "Get in his face, block his vision and maybe get in his wheelhouse a bit."
Staal and Dan Girardi played 66 minutes between them in the first game, with Staal spending most of the time on Ovechkin's side of the ice. Ultimately, it was Staal's clearing pass in OT that Jason Arnott intercepted to set up Semin for the winning goal. With a lot of minutes already in their legs, New York's shutdown pair will draw the tough assignment of chasing Ovechkin and keeping traffic away from their goaltender.
"I thought the guys helped me out and played well," Lundqvist said. "We just have to do the same things, and we have to have a short memory."
The rest is up to their last line of defense.


NY Rangers Happy Thoughts

The NY Rangers lost.  Again. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1.  They need to get shots on goal like they actually want to win.  And keep the Capitals away from Henrik.

After the game Henrik said:
It's a tough game when you get behind---especially the way they're playing right now. They're very tight in their own end. But we have to keep going. A lot can change, and it starts with one win. That's going to be our focus.


Crazy Henrik Lundqvist Photoshops

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Henrik is working at chiseling out his own Stanley Cup.

This one scares me. That Burger King guy is too creepy and to have him on Henrik's body? YIKES

They're trying to insinuate that the glove Henrik's putting on is not his white under the glove glove, but a latex glove instead.

All are from Photoshop the Rangers.


Win a Trip to Sweden!

Faces of Scandanavia has contacted me about their contest:

"Let the Faces of Scandinavia inspire you to travel to Scandinavia. Upload your own travel story to win a trip to Scandinavia or comment on the stories and enter to win an iPad2 with travel case."

And one of the faces of Scandanavia is - surprise- Henrik!

Most of my time that I spend in Sweden during the summer, I spend on the west coast with it’s small beautiful fish harbors. My favorite spot is an island outside Gothenburg called Käringön, it’s a beautiful little island that you can only reach by boat. You can go there by your own boat or the public ferry, it takes 15 minutes. There are only about 100 people living on the island all year around. One of the best things with the island is that there are no cars, and it has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. When you arrive to the island you just want to run into the ocean and take a quick dip before dinner at Petterson’s restaurant; the perfect Swedish summer day. I brought my friends from New York to Käringön last summer, a bigger contrast from our lives in the city compared to the west coast in Sweden is impossible to get. Käringön is a perfect place for families with kids and dogs, you never loose them because the island is too small, and you can walk around the whole island during an hour. Enjoy!

Comment about Henrik's story and you could win a trip! I'd love to visit that island off Sweden. I'd love to visit Sweden, period. Especially Gothenburg where Frolunda Indians play, the team  Henrik used to play for.

Here's the press release:
Nordic Celebrities Campaigns to Attract U.S. Tourists
VisitDenmark, Innovation Norway, VisitFinland, VisitSweden and Icelandair once again summons some of their most famous Nordic celebrities in the joint campaign “Faces of Scandinavia”. After last year’s successful campaign several well-known celebrities will once again do their best to to inspire U.S. travelers to visit their favorite Nordic destinations.“Many prominent Nordic celebrities are proud of their heritage and is therefore willing to tell their stories of their favorite destinations in the region. Last year’s campaign was a success and gained a lot of attention and we are therefore targeting the U.S. once again, since it is the most important market for tourism for Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden,” says Beate Gran, Innovation
Faces of Scandinavia’s campaign promotes Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden as four European destinations that combined make for one exciting vacation, with Icelandair as the preferred airline. The campaign is centered around a site where visitors can plan their trips by interacting or uploading their own face and share their travel stories, as well as finding out what both famous Nordic ambassadors as well as engaged locals loves about their home countries.
Faces of Scandinavia’s collaborator and mobile travel application, Guidepal, will guide the American travelers in Scandinavia via their smartphones.
“Conscious U.S. travelers today are using the web to search for personal recommendations rather than relying on glossy travel broschures and articles for their travel decisions. That is why we are creating this crowdsourced platform where people themselves can share their local knowledge in a much more personal way,” says Helena Niskanen, VisitFinland.
On the campaign site, www.facesofscandinavia.com, those who are curious about the region can enter a contest and win two roundtrip tickets to destination of choice, courtesy of Icelandair: to Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland. Visitors may also enter to win iPads, courtesy of Guidepal, T-shirts from Moods of Norway, jewerly from Efva Attling, “noma” cook book fram Copenhagen’s celebrity chef Rene Redzepi, glassware from Iittala, and skincare products from Lumene.
The “Faces of Scandinavia” contest starts today and will continue until July 13th, 2011, when the winner will be announced.


Henrik Lundqvist Post Game Thoughts

Henrik goalie gear

Lundqvist (clearly annoyed) on the tying goal: “I was hoping for a whistle there. The puck was there for a long time, but they didn’t blow the whistle. Finally, it just bounced in, and it was tough. It felt like we were playing really well after we scored there, but unfortunately they tied it. You just have to – it was a lot of good things tonight, you have to think about that and move on. We’re right there.”


Henrik and Joel Lundqvist Video Interview

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This interview is adorable. Notice how Henrik bypasses the question about preparing for his wedding. Joel's wife is mentioned a few tims but not Henrik's fiancée. Interesting. Or it could be nothing. Who knows.


Game 1 NY Rangers vs Wash Caps 6:30pm CST

I've got NHL Gamecenter Live on the 52" HDTV all ready for the game. I wish they'd show the pregame or something! But instead I am staring at a rotating NHL shield.


henrik lundqvist game face
From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik and Joel with their game faces on.

From Henrik Lundqvist


New Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Interview

henrik lundqvist interviewThanks to our loyal and devoted reader Anna, we've got a new Swedish interview with Henrik Lundqvist! The interview was done early this week in New York.

Lundqvist: we have a better chance now

NEW YORK. Someone is trying to tell Henrik Lundqvist to calm down. “Easy, Hank!”. The sports bar in midtown Manhattan is filled with 20 heavily pumping hockey harts. The Swedish one is beating fastest.
The New York team has gone straight from the shower after the 5-2 win against New Jersey, out to town, to powerlessly watch their playoff destiny being decided.
21.45 the same evening the Rangers aren’t powerless anymore – Stanley Cup preparations begin and nobody is telling King Henrik to calm down.

It’s on the day one year after the loss in Philadelphia that SPORT-Expressen goes for a walk with the dog together with the Swedish goalie star.
Back then, this interview wouldn’t even have been possible. Henrik Lundqvist was hardly contactable. Now he can summarize “one of his best seasons ever” while he’s walking in shorts and a hat with dobermann Nova on the leash.
Lundqvist talks about the rematch with Washington Capitals i terms like “we have a better chance now than two years ago” and that “there is no clear favorite in the east”.
The Rangers got into the playoffs with the smallest possible margin. After a loss in the second last game, not only a win against New Jersey was needed, but playoff-certain Tampa Bay had to defeat Carolina Hurricanes. On the tv screens in the sports bar, Lundqvist could see it all turn out perfect.

“it’s good for me to get challenged”
“We are closer to Washington this year. They have more talent than we do, that’s undeniable. We have to play at our top to have a chance. We have to have 20 guys that go for it. But we work hard and that’s how we’ve defeated many teams,” says Lundqvist.
It’s the Rangers and Lundqvists fifth Stanley cup playoffs in six years, but this year it’s more his because of him than before. Without his league-leading eleven shutouts, the Rangers would definitely not have come near a playoff spot. Still, this was the first season that he got pointed out as the weak link during a loosing streak by coach John Tortorella. “Let us be honest, our goaltending hasn’t been there. Absolutely not at the level it should be at this point of the season,” Tortorella said to the stunned press in february. “We have played good hockey. I think we would probably have gotten five of these six points with decent goaltending.

“He has demanded more and more, that’s probably true,” says Lundqvist and laughs loudly. “We’re getting to know each other better and better. We’ve had some meetings during the year that have been... we have been quite honest to each other.”
- You to him too?
“I try... I think it’s good for me to be challenged. He is a person that pushes you.”
- What was the sound level during those meetings?
“The sound level...”, repeats Lundqvist and laughs secretly. “When there’s potential, he wants to get the most out of it. It’s just about being able to handle that, to deal with it the right way.”

Before the season, the plan was to relieve the star goaltender so that he would not have to play 70 games like before, so he could be fresher during the playoffs. But with his backup Martin Biron injured, the season ended just like they use to. “On the other hand, when it’s so close in the end like now, you want to play,” says Lundqvist and makes clear that he is not worn out.
“This is probably the first year when no injuries are bothering me. Just small things, like a shot on the knee and a stiff neck for a while. You feel such things for four, five days. Other years I’ve had problems that lasted longer.”
Injuries that weren’t reported before the playoff adventure ended and that made Lundqvist miss the World Championships.
Of course you can’t help but wonder, but anyone who has tried to ask someone with a winner mentality like this man about WC right in the middle of the hot playoffs knows that the answer could just as well be a good right (as in a fist, haha).
Lundqvist hates to talk about WC.
“It’s though with WC. Everyone wants a season that’s as long as possible. WC goes against your goals. You want to win – to play WC means you lost. But when you can swallow the loss and get over it, WC is actually a fun experience. You get to see new cities and new team mates.”

- You got engaged during the season. Has that changed you in any way?
“No, I don’t think so, but the last year I’ve felt that I’ve started to get older, mentally. You start to think about things you want to have in life. Things you want to do. I don’t look at things the same way as when I came here. I was 23 then, now I’m 29 – will turn 30. Of course you start thinking, and it was ready to take the next step in life.”

For the next step in his career, it’s about getting past the second round in the playoffs. On that subject, his view is exactly the same as when he came to New York.


Henrik opens NHL in Sweden Next Season

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

henrik lundqvist stockholm sweden
The NY Rangers will open their season in Stockholm, Sweden this fall. All of Henrik's Swedish fans (the whole country?) can now fight to get tickets. This is actually really nice for the all the Swedes that can't make it to the US to catch their national hero in a game.

"It's going to be very exciting," said Henrik Lundqvist, who backstopped Sweden to a gold medal at the 2006 Olympics. "I heard some talks about it for the last few weeks, and to go to Sweden and play a couple of games, maybe even go to Gothenburg (for a preseason game) if that's going to happen - that's my hometown (and home of Frolunda, the team Lundqvist played for in the Swedish Elite League from 2000-05) and that would be very special."


Henrik Lundqvist Restaurant Tiny's Opening Soon

From UrbanDaddy:

You’ll call it Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs, a precious little five-hole in the wall from the Warren 77 team (including Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist) that’ll handle intra-office lunch dates, fireside cocktail congregations and postgame Rangers locker room spillover, opening Friday and taking reservations now.

I am underwhelmed with the interior.


Henrik's Thoughts on Stanley Cup Playoff Games

“It’s the same feeling every year. You get anxious, nervous, excited. A lot of emotions going into the playoffs. I always put a lot of pressure on myself. But I hope I can help the team and make them feel confident and if I need to, just step up at the right time to be there for them. So we’ll see how we do.”

”(Laughs). I like it. I liked going down the stretch the last month and a half. It’s been fun. A lot of intense games. And you just have to be on top of your game, otherwise it’s over real fast. So it would be a great feeling to have a good run. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good run in New York, so that’s what we’re working for now.”

“I feel pretty good. There’s no time to really … you know, if I would sit down and think, ‘Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m not’ … but I don’t go there. There’s no time for it. And now, it’s so exciting to be in the playoffs. When you get out there tomorrow and feel the energy and excitement from the guys and the crowd, it’s not going to be hard to be ready to play.”

“Especially when you have a long run in the playoffs, if you have that—I’ve experienced it back home and a couple of years ago here—you might be tired, but when you go out there and feel the energy and excitement it’s like you can keep going forever, it feels like. Hopefully we can feed from that energy. I don’t think anybody’s tired right now and we shouldn’t be tired.”

“I think right after our last game, I kind of landed a little bit—‘OK, maybe it’s over, maybe it’s not.’ And then after that game, Tampa won, it’s like, ‘OK, it’s on again.’ For a few hours you’re like, ‘Maybe it’s over.’ You kind of let your shoulders down a little bit. But right after that (Tampa) game is over, I started thinking about tomorrow and about Washington and about what’s coming, what I need to do. So now it’s back to hockey 24/7 again and trying to do everything you can to get your game going.”

On watching the Tampa game:

“They tried to calm me down, but it was tough. It was very tough. I’ve never been in that position before. You know, I just kept thinking about all the work we put down and what happened last year, being that close, and being that close again and just missing. It’s mentally really tough. It’s a great feeling when you realize you’re in and all the work paid off.”

“I think it was our turn, though, after what happened last year and the way we played. We should be here. We deserve to be here, and we should just grab the opportunity and try to do something good here.”


Henrik Takes on Capitals on Wednesday

Thank the Swedish Viking Hockey Gods that Henrik made the playoffs this year. I didn't want him to be standing on the deck railing of his Manhattan penthouse if they missed playoffs for the second year in a row.

A lot of the pre game reviews I've read have the Capitals winning in 6 games or so. I hope not. Henrik deserves much more than that, but I don't know if he can keep winning since he'll be playing in all the games.

Here's poem BombersGmenBlueshirts25 wrote to spur the NY Rangers to victory:

It now is time for our hopes to take wing

Here comes the Artillery, the Pope, and the King

Forth to victory, glory, and the Cup perhaps

But first we must get past those choke-happy Caps

The first step to achieving our victorious hour

Lies in those young lads, McDonagh and Sauer

Defense is key to Washington's fall

And we've got it locked down, ask Girardi and Staal

They have a swell coach, that jolly plump fella

But nothing quite like our own Tortorella

Our team has big balls, and don't forget jam

We play with good pace, according to Sam

Though pucks may break legs, they cannot break a man

Especially the Jam-Master, gutsy Mr. Callahan

We'll win it for him, our beloved Twenty-Four

Then he'll return to the ice, and unleash a loud Garden roar

And if yet again Ovie tries to get frisky

We'll beat his ass down- just ask Brandon Dubinsky

When a big goal is needed, he just might give you two

Prompting us all to shout DUBY DUBY DOOOOOOOO

To achieve the victory for which we all lust

We must follow the lead of the brilliant Pope Prust

Not only does he score, he does it shorthanded

And we got him for Higgins, what a prize to have landed

We save him for last, #1 does he rank

In all of our hearts, the stopper King Hank

How does he do it, year in and year out

In the Garden they cheer, and "HEN-RIK" they shout

So here we are, I know there's some I've ignored

But really, when's the last time Christensen scored?

And if it all goes wrong and the Rangers get outed

At least we know who to blame... DAMN YOU CAM TALBOT

LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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