Henrik Lundqvist Shirtless Today!!!!! With Therese Andersson

Friday, April 23, 2010

Everlasting thanks to @cmarzi84 for having lunch at Sheep's Meadow today. And having a photographic device. And sharing it with us.

Henrik Lundqvist and Therese Andersson out resting on the grass while roller blading. Oh, and Henrik is shirtless. :)

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

The original is here.

Therese is so skinny! I would be too self conscious to go out in just leggings and tank top. Henrik looks so big next to tiny Therese! I'm glad we got a shirtless view, but I'm also wishing we could have seen more of the hockey butt. Wait, is that a hint of dark grey underwear peaking out above the pants?


Carol said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! So this is a recent photo? Holy crap!!! That just made my day!!! And yes, I see the underwear. And the adorable belly button. Oh Hank, you are such a tease...;o)

christine said...

Yes, it's from Friday around 1pm!! OMG The belly button! I can't stop staring at this picture.

Trish said...

Few things:

A) Isn't his knee supposed to be bothering him? Get off the rollerblades if you're recovering from an injury!

B) Where's the dog?

C) I want that. (Minus Therese.)


Tere said...

Funny you find Therese skinny. I find her normal and have red comments on forums that say she is fat O.o

Thanks for posting this. It did make my lousy saturday evening alot better :D

christine said...

Trish - yeah I thought of the knee right away. But another article said he had been running while in rehab for the knee. But wouldn't running hurt it? I don't know.

I wondered if Nova was on the grass between them, but Nova is too big to be hidden like that. Makes me sad for Nova missing out on going outside.

I WANT IT TOO. I can visualize him lying like that in a bed. MEOWZA

Tere - you find her normal!?! She is incredibly skinny compared to everyone out here in cattle land in the Dakotas. She did look a little fat in the photo of them on the boat and she was in a bikini. But she's really skinny here.

It made my night better - Henrik appeared in my dreams for the first time! LOL He was in his D&G suit and I was staring at his throat (that's all I came up to him). He smelled so good! He was teasing me about something. Then he left. :( He was incredibly tan and had some nice scruff!

Tere said...

Christine: She does look average built compared to the people here in Sweden. She is also average looking. You come here and you will see lots of young women looking like her except for the curly short hair that no one uses here.

Carol said...

Certain activities are appropriate for rehab. Running is one of them, I've heard. Depending on the injury, severity, etc. Roller blading? Don't know. But I'm sure he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his hockey playing. He should have more padding on though. When my husband was in the Army, they made them wear all sorts of padding if they were going to rollerblade. Soldiers are Army property, and they force them to be careful. I would think the Rangers might want that as well. ;o)

I find Therese very, very slim. I WISH I was fat like her!! Ha!

christine said...

SHE'S AVERAGE TO SWEDEN?!?!? OMG I was going to go over there this summer but now I think I'll wait. TILL I LOSE ENOUGH WEIGHT TO LOOK ANOREXIC AND BE JUST AVERAGE IN SWEDEN. O.o

Trish said...

Therese looks normal/healthy. (I won't say average, because the actual average size nowadays, at least in the USA, is bigger than her...)

Remember, what you're seeing of her waist isn't her whole waist - she's smushed down in the grass some. Just look at her arms/knees. It's not humanly possible to have a forearm that small, so you know there's more hidden by the grass. So, therefore, same with her torso. Moreso even, because that's where her weight is centered, so it'd be down in the grass/ground even more.

Basically, she's not a toothpick like anorexic models, but she's not chowing down on McDonald's every day either.

Good for HL for not dating a teensy tiny anorexic toothpick. And good for her for being athletic enough that she can participate in things like rollerblading that he likes/is related to what he does for a living.

Also... I still want that :)

Carol said...

I agree, Trish. I think that's one reason I have always kind of liked Therese. She doesn't look like a model, she looks like a normal person. Albeit a very pretty, slim person. ;o) Not a normal person like me! Ha! And I like Henrik for being with her. I have to admit that. When I see pictures of him with the typical model type (long straight blonde hair, stick skinny, etc.) I cringe. Blech.

Carol said...

And he must like being around her if he wants to go rollerblading with her. Yay!

CR9 said...

God Bless You, Christine, for finding these smoking hot pictures of HANK!!!

MY GOD!!! This guy really is the finest man I have ever seen!

Even better than Clooney and Pitt!!

christine said...

Trish - her upper arms are slim and so are her legs that we can see. Based on that I declare her skinny! And I still want that too. :D

I don't like her short curly hair. I think it should be longer.

CR9 - you're welcome! He is indeed a fine specimen of the male physique.

Trish said...

Agreed about her hair. Based on what I've seen, she's got the same texture hair as I do (although mine is darker), and I keep it LONG. Shoulders at least. Or else there is a distinct risk of it turning into a frizzy fro under certain conditions. (Including when exercising... which is probably why she's got some wonky, smushed curls and frizz happening post-rollerblading.)

There was a picture of the two of them somewhere that showed her with straightend/slicked back hair pulled back in ponytail/bun/twist or something. It suited her, much moreso than the curly pixie look. I do concede that the straightening takes FOREVER, so in my view it'd make sense for her to go longer with it and keep it curly.

Anonymous said...

Too Bad She's Got A Bad personality to match.....Or So I've heard.

I wonder who wears the pants in their house?LOL Nova???Hahahha

Anyway,Nice Pic....Hopefully No One Will get arrested.......LOL;P

Carol said...

I hope that she's not nasty like that ex-girlfriend of the Frolunda player actually said. Maybe those two didn't get along, and she wanted to make Therese look bad. Or maybe they just had a personality clash...some people think I'm very nice, but some people don't like me. It just depends on the other person and what our similiarities and differences are. I don't think we should believe everything we hear about Therese, just like you can't believe everything you hear about Henrik or anyone else. If she was that bad, I don't think a guy would want to stay with her for 10-plus years. Unless he's a jerk too. And I don't want to think Henrik is a jerk, so I'll go with Therese isn't all that bad. ;o)

K said...

Hey Carol = ) , Mind Sharing the Frolunda Story....????

Cuz clearly I'm not reading the same stuff....LOL


Carol said...

Someone else posted a response to one of Christine's blogs, and in the response they mentioned that they had heard or read that an ex-girlfriend of a Frolunda player that was on the team the same time as Henrik didn't like Therese. I believe she said not many people liked her, that she was a controlling girlfriend.

Does anyone else remember someone posting that? I honestly can't remember who it was or on what thread. But it was somewhere here. Maybe someone else will remember more. I thought maybe that's what you were referring to is why I brought it up.

K said...


Cool, I'v heard that one..... Thought it might have been something different.........

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