Playing Guitar Helps Henrik Be a Better Goalie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I knew that Henrik Lundqvist played guitar, and that Jose Theodore did but I didn't realize it actually helped them be better goalies.
Henrik lundqvist guitar Warren 77 opening
According to an article in In Goal magazine, it does.

the real reason the guitar helps goalies has more to do with the brain than the forearms. It all has to do with how our brains work, how we learn skills, and how those skills contribute to and reinforce similar motor functions in a phenomenon called Transfer of Learning.

According to studies on guitar playing hockey players, there was increased glove hand agility and performance after practicing the guitar.
"Over several seasons the study showed glove response and glove save percentage increased on a game-by-game basis after practicing music – by ear on the guitar – within a few hours prior to playing hockey,” Monnich said, stressing it had to be played by ear and not sight reading sheet music.

There's a lot more in the article and it goes in depth into the brain neurons, muscle functions, etc. But it's pretty darn interesting. So I have to ask the question, how often does Henrik play his guitar and does he play it on game days?


Joezayfan said...

Let's here it for guitar-playing goalies!! Woot!

I hadn't seen this article yet...I might post it on my José blog. Thanks for the link!!

christine said...

I think you should! I wonder how many other goalies play guitar? I wonder how many Vezina winners played guitar? That would be a neat thing to find out.

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