Henrik Lundqvist Video Discussing 10/15 Game Loss

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The reffing in that game last night had me scratching my head at times. You'd think the MSG refs, if they were biased at all, would be biased for the NY Rangers and not against.

Here's video of Henrik talking about the game.


Joezayfan said...

Did you see that pink ribbon on Henrik's wrist? Wonder if that was for Breast Cancer Awareness Month...kind of like all the pink the NFL teams are sporting right now?

christine said...

No I missed that before, I was staring at his mouth and jaw and the scruffyness. It was mesmerizing.

Wow that is a huge pink ribbon. Is it a ribbon or some tape? It's partially wrapped around his hand but very loosely. His fingers are taped in white tape, but that ribbon sure is odd. It's flimsy, wide and not wrapped tight. Hmmm.

Trish said...

No such thing as MSG refs - refs and linesmen all go everywhere, likely to avoid any biases.

And also not breast cancer awareness... The pink (it was probably red actually) was athletic pre-wrap. It's basically a thin foam layer, like an ace bandage (same dimensions but thinner) but foamy, that you wrap with before taping. Just so when you tape for support, like he probably did his wrist, the tape doesn't stick to and/or irritate the skin. It was probably flapping all over and torn like that because he had probably just been ripping off the tape, but maybe didn't get everything off when they came over to interview him.

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