Hank Lundqvist Not Starting Tonight. Video

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Larry Brooks tweeted that Biron will be starting in the net tonight. At least we'll finally get a chance to see if Biron will be a good backup for Hank.

Here's video of Hank after the Wednesday 10/20 practice. He's discussing the game tonight against the Leafs. It's going to be a very interesting game. Will the NY Rangers go after the guy that seperated Gaborik's shoulder? Will the Leafs go after Avery for chopping the ankles of the Leafs player? Will our defense show up? Will we score? Will anyone watch the game since Hank isn't starting?


Anna said...

I can hardly ever watch games live because of this ridiculous time difference. All I ever get to see is the 6 minute clips from nhl.com :(

Keeping my fingers crossed tho

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