Henrik Lundqvist Is On A Boat! On A Boat! On A bleeping BOAT

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's right. Hank's on a boat at this very moment. Thanks to Sean Avery's twitter and photo documenting skills we have a photo of the gang off to spent the day on a boat.

From hank lundqvist

Is that the Rangers off to the beach uniform? Notice how the front two beach bums are sporting white t-shirts or undershirts, and Hank has a got a nice starched white polo on. He always dresses snazzy! Can't tell what Gaborik is wearing.

Henrik doesn't look too happy in this photo. It's probably they're stuck going to the boat in an Astro Van! How embarrassing. Don't they have exotic car rentals in Tampa? Doesn't Porsche make an SUV? At least hook the guys up right Rangers!

I hope Hank gets some relaxing in today. The Rangers won last night, but it was obvious at times that Henrik needed some rest. Get some sun, recharge your batteries, and relax. Scuba diving and shark fishing is not relaxing.

I hope Avery gets pics of Henrik in his swimming attire. Perhaps they're skinny dipping today? We could only wish.

I will bet that Avery and Voros enact the I'M ON A BOAT video. Or at least Avery will.

If Avery or Voros don't come through for us with pics of Henrik getting some rays, here's the last pic of Henrik doing some fishing in Floria.

And here's one of Henrik on a boat off the coast of Sweden in a celebrity boat race with the Princess. Can't remember her name, but she's the Princess of Sweden.
From henrik lundqvist


How To Be Henrik's Hockeyfru

From henrik lundqvist

I just love that word Hockeyfru! I think it means hockey wife in Swedish. It sounds cooler than girlfriend, so I'm going to use hockeyfru instead.

According to an interview Henrik says he was best with flirting than Joel when they were younger.
When we were little, I think that many girls felt we were sweet, we had fun the hockey guys. When we were between 10 and 14, then it was much hockey. Then began the interest in girls to come. Then of course I would think I was more forward than you were, but perhaps I was not?

From henrik lundqvist

What Henrik wants in a woman:
I watch a lot of charisma, there must be a smart girl, tolig. We have to have fun together, it is incredibly important.

To keep a relationship going:
The important thing is to have quality time together. One can be seen every day and it's just like that, but you have quality time when they see you, then it's no problem.

Try to turn off the cell phone! Well, I have better myself. Then we order food home. When you travel as much as we do, this is the best you can do sometimes to just stay home and relax. Check out a movie or go to the movies. that we usually do ...

From henrik lundqvist

What does Henrik want in a woman? According to this interview he wants a woman that is self confident and has her own views on things and doesn't just go with the flow. He doesn't like women with a hard facade and says Therese is independent and gentle.

The two must make an effort. We have been lucky too, because we have been able to do much fun things together. Many times when living with someone is about to experience things together, creating a story together.

Creating a story together! Awwwwwwwwwww. He's so sweet.
From henrik lundqvist


Secret Conversations with Henrik, Joel, Sean Avery and Jagr!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Again, I used a sensationalist title for a post. I'm sorry. This is a story from SportsSquee that was too amusing to pass up. SportsSquee is a Ranger hater. Just warning.

Scene: The Lundqvist Kitchen
(Henrik Lundqvist paces the floor in bare feet, a mug of warm Glog in one paw, his phone in the other)

Henrik: Seriously Joel, talk to somebody! These people are losers. I'm sure someone there will listen to you.
Joel Lundqvist: Sorry, bro. No one has a damn clue who I am down here. Most of the time they call me Henrik, actually.
HL: Okay, okay, how about this: tell them to trade Sergei Zubov, Mike Modano, and Marty Turco for me and some of Mom's carraway bread.
JL: I already told you, bro, Modano doesn't go anywhere without Trevor Daley. He planned his wedding.
HL: Fine, fine, fine. What about Brenden Morrow, Mike Ribeiro, and Stu Barnes for me, mom's lingonberry jam, and a gift certificate to Ikea?
JL: How much is the gift certificate worth?
HL: (aggravated) I don't know. Fifty bucks or something.
JL: Mom's lingonberry jam? Or Mom's lingonberry preserve?
HL: Does it matter?
JL: Of course it does. Mom's jam tastes like a jar of garbage.
HL: So if I come with Mom's lingonberry preserve, do you think Armstrong will make the trade?
JL: (snickering) No.
HL: Shit.
JL: Anyway, I have to go. The fellas and I are meeting up with Tony-- Tony Romo, that is-- at this honky-tonk. The last we were there Terrell-- Terrell Owens-- sang "The Gambler" on karaoke and--
HL: Honky-tonk? You know I love honky-tonks. You get to do all the funnest things in Dallas. New York is the worst.
JL: So anyway, I gotta go. Dirk--Nowitzki-- is picking me up in, like, ten minutes.
HL: Hey, you know we're twins, right? How about we switch places for a while. Like, I could pretend to be a crappy fourth-liner, and you can pretend to be me and play like a crappy fourth-liner in goal long enough to get me traded. What do you think?
JL: Good night.
HL: Wait! Joel! Wait--
(a voice wafts in from another room)
Voice: Henrik! Come back to bed.
HL: Shit.

(inside of Henrik Lundqvist's bedroom; Lundqvist sits on the bed, head in hands)
Sean Avery: (in pink chiffon bathrobe with ostrich feather trim, furiously coating his hands in lotion) Who was that on the phone?
HL: Elisha Cuthbert.
SA: (gasps)
HL: Kidding! Kidding.
SA: You think that's funny? You think you're some kind of Swedish comedian?
HL: (sighing) No. I don't call Elisha Cuthbert in the kitchen at night. That's something you do.
(sound of the lamp being switched off)
SA: When will you stop punishing me?
HL: Look, I'm tired, I want to go to bed, and I don't want to have this conversation right now. Carrying a team on your back can really tire a guy out.
SA: Why must you be so cruel? I bet Joel isn't this cruel to Mike Ribeiro! (sobbing)
HL: Again with the tears?
SA: I just can't understand why you have to be so mean. I try to spark the team out there. I try! You think it's easy being the most hated guy in the NHL? Everybody hates me and now so do you! (wailing, tears)
HL: Oh geez, I don't hate you. (mattress springs, sheet shuffling) Come here, come here. Shhh! There, there.
SA: Henrik, I know you're the only reason the team is winning right now, but we'll get better. I know we will. We've bought the best team possible.
HL: (muttering) Yeah, and Scott Gomez, too.
SA: Your back won't be hurting forever. Does it hurt too much to cuddle?
HL: Shit.

(the next morning, Lundqvist prepares some gravlox at the stove, phone clutched in the other hand)
HL: Hi. It's me. Is now a good time to talk?
Jaromir Jagr: Yes, but quickly. Drury will be up any second. He's already suspicious about the two of us.
HL: I tried to work out a deal for Dallas, but my stupid brother doesn't have the pull to arrange a trade.
JJ: I called Lemieux, but he told me he only had cap space for one of us. They'd have to trade that robot kid to fit the both of us. I told him that we go as a package or we don't go.
HL: (silence)
JJ: Hank?
HL: Yes. Yes, I'm here. You... you really said that?
JJ: Of course I did. I'm not going anywhere without you, baby, you know that.
HL: But they need a goalie there?
JJ: Yeah, but they also need scoring. And leadership.
HL: Hahahaha... oh, you were being serious.
JJ: (silence)
HL: JarJar?
JJ: Yes. Yes, I'm still here.
HL: Look, I didn't mean... maybe I should talk to Lemieux. You should give me his number and--
JJ: I have to go. Drury is waking up. (click)
HL: JarJar? Hello?
SA: Is that gravlox I smell? Boy, I hope we still have some lingonberry jam in the fridge!
HL: Shit.


Stalker's Guide to Henrik Lundqvist

Monday, March 29, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik is not amused with the title of this post.

I don't want you to stalk the guy, but if you want to know more about him, then hey read on!

Henrik splits his time between his pad in Manhattan and Gothenburg, Sweden. He also has a place in South Beach, Miami. Tough living.

Henke's latest place in Manhattan is at NEW YORK, NY 10019. He paid $3.9 million for a 2,035sq ft 3BR, 3BA duplex penthouse. The 2,035-square-foot apartment features a terrace and a chef's kitchen, and it also comes with storage space. Henke has said in interviews that his favorite part is the terrace. He plans to make it so you can watch TV out there while soaking in the jacuzzi.

Scroll to the left and you'll see a green see through cube in front of a building. That's where Henrik lives. Click on the link to go to the building's website. View floorplans. See if any are available for rent or to buy. You could be riding the elevators with Henrik!

Henrik's penthouse is floorplan D which does indeed have a walk in closet for all those clothes and one heck of a huge terrace. I love all the floor to ceiling windows! His penthouse looks out over 52nd street so if you're on the other side of the street holding signs and making an ass out of yourself, he may see you. It's debatable if he'll see you before the police come or you get slapped with a restraining order. But remember, Henrik has to sign the restraining order. Free autograph!

Ok I'm laughing my ass off at the free autograph but seriously don't stalk the guy. He needs his own life and can't play well if he's worried about some crazed fan stalking him. And I don't live anywhere near New York so he doesn't have to worry about me.
From henrik lundqvist

He parks his Maserati in a parking garage nearby. He used to have a Lamborghini, but he totaled it.

Henrik takes his dog Nova, a Doberman, to Central Park which is not too far away. There is a dog run there where apparently you can leave your dog overnight. Or I may have read the Swedish translation wrong. But you may catch Henrik with Nova there. He also likes to rollerblade in the summer in Central Park. Henrik in shorts!

You will probably see Henrik at Fika: Chokolad a Swedish espresso bar. The Swedes take their coffee very seriously. I do too. I should become Swedish. I like Ikea too.
From henrik lundqvist

AQ Kafe is not far from Central Park and Henrik's pad. It's a coffeehouse and cafe with Scandinavian food. I love the interior. Gorgeous wood furniture and floors.

Henrik has mentioned in an interview that a Swedish Upper West coffee shop with the appropriate name Cuppa has been graced with his presence quite a bit.
From henrik lundqvist

Hus is the Swedish clothing store that Henrik was in for the Rangers 30 spot. You were supposed to be able to go to the Rangers website to see a full 1.5 minute video, but I can't find it. Just the 30 second teaser. :( I wanted more Henrik fashion tips!

Henrik has said in interviews that he likes to hang out at La Esquina in Nolita and the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar at 2 Lexington Avenue. Henrik has also said that the club 1 Oak is always a safe bet.

He also frequents dive bars to play guitar. He played guitar in Warren 77, Sean Avery's bar, on opening night. His favorite drinks are Vitaminwater and Coke, but at a bar he likes Grey Goose and Red Bull.
From henrik lundqvist

Henke loves barbecue pork ribs at Houston's on 27th and Park.

Henrik obviously likes to shop and find new things to wear. He's mentioned that he likes Lounge Saks. He likes the brand John Varvatos and says they have very nice coats. He likes Operations in Soho and has bought several coats from there. Henrik also likes Reiss. Perhaps you'll run into him in the men's clothing section. Try not to hide behind the clothing racks.

Henrik plays golf in the summer and jams with his friends in Sweden in their joke band Boxplay. As of last summer Henrik was thinking of starting a band up here in New York and was looking for names. Five Hole Soul was the band name most liked by Henrik.
From henrik lundqvist

Henrik has also stated that he misses the candy in Sweden, but friends from Sweden bring him candy when they visit. Which candy? Swedish fish? LOL OMG that was horrible.

Henrik trains with the Rangers at the Rangers training rink in Tarrytown, NY. Address is 711 Old Saw Mill River Rd., Tarrytown, New York 10591. It's private so you can't just drive right in. But perhaps you could wait at the gates? I think they may have an open practice once a year but just for season ticket holders. Perhaps you could do a drive by and just take photos of the gate.

View Larger Map

For sightseeing Henrik recommends going to Rockefeller Center to avoid the lines at Empire State Building.

Here's a video of Henrik talking about his New York favorites. I think it's amusing that he mentions Central Park and likes to bring his dog and then quickly adds on 'and my girlfriend' as an afterthought. LOL

If I find out any more favorite spots of Henrik's, I'll add them to this list.
From henrik lundqvist


Henrik Lundqvist's Underwear

Sunday, March 28, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Yup. That's right. This post is about Henrik's underwear. I actually only know of one type of underwear he wears. And he only wears it when he plays hockey. And it's ugly. Sorry. I know, all our fantasies just shot to hell. But we can still imagine him in his Calvins, right?

Here's the hockey undies. It is apparently a best seller. Was it a best seller before word got out that Henrik wears them? I wonder.

Other best sellers include the ProZero Gunde Wind Boxer shorts that ward off the cold at the most basic layer. Made with the Gore-Tex® WindStopper® fabric on the front panel, the garb also has moisture-wicking Pro Zero fabric that keeps for moisture control and warmth. Needless to say, pro athletes love this line…like Henrik Lundqvist, the NY Rangers supreme goalie.

Glad Henrik's got some undies on that will help keep him warm on the ice. Notice how I refrained from any jokes or comments about frozen, shrunken things. I have class! LOL

From henrik lundqvist

Wet Henrik. Notice the rain spots on his coat and his wet hair. Wet. Hair. Also notice how skinny his thighs are. Not fair!


Henrik Drops F-Bomb on Live TV

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rangers lost in overtime. Henrik was absolutely amazing making great saves until that one "fucking terrible goal" as Henrik put it, that tied the game. Then the overtime goal.

I still love Henrik though. We all screw up. And props to him for saying the F Bomb on TV.


Should King Henrik be Captain Henrik?

From henrik lundqvist

I didn't really think it until now, but after the the report came out about Henrik ripping the boys into shape during 3rd period, I really think Henrik should be captain of the Rangers.

But there is more to Lundqvist than the goaltending support he provides that is Brodeurian in its consistency. Indeed, on a club whose locker room might be mistaken for transient housing, Lundqvist has emerged as a leader and spokesman.

He talks for the team the way Brodeur does for New Jersey. He talks-or shouts-at them at times the same way, too. A timeout midway through last night's third period after the Devils had swept in on a series of breakaways and odd-man rushes happened to be one of those times.

"I snapped," Lundqvist told The Post. "We were just giving up way too much, and I knew that it had to stop if we were going to win the game.

"I understand that you can't be screaming every time there are breakdowns, but sometimes I don't think it hurts to say a few words. I was definitely not happy."

"I definitely feel the responsibility to be a leader and to say what's on my mind, whether on the ice or in meetings," Lundqvist said. "Even something like, when Aves [Sean Avery] and I were telling the guys earlier in the year about this rivalry, because so many of them are new and don't know."

From henrik lundqvist

Lundqvist taking it upon himself to call out the team and shape them up. Lundqvist helping the new guys. Everytime there's a post practice or post game interview, who is always interviewed? Lundqvist.

Henrik is acting like team captain without the cute C on the jersey. As a matter of fact, when has Drury acted like the captain this year? I don't know.
From henrik lundqvist

I don't know what other awesome privileges come with being captain other than a C on the jersey. Vestal virgins singing his praises after he skates off the ice? Personal masseuse after practices? His own room when they travel? First dibs on hot chicks in the bars? I have no idea, but whether there are extra privileges or not, Henrik is obviously the Ranger most respected.

What would we call him then? Captain King Henrik? Cap? Caprik? Capking? Capo Lambo? I seriously need to come up with better nicknames. Those were awful.

Here's hoping Henrik is captain next year. Cheers to Henrik!
From henrik lundqvist

The King surrounded by his adoring subjects.


Henrik Lundqvist's Tattoo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yes ladies, he has one! I don't know if he has more than one, but the one he has is interesting in that it's not what I expected. I expected a hockey player to have a tough guy tattoo or a tattoo that marked something like an Olympic gold medal. Or the Frolunda Indians mascot. Or at the least a heart with a Mom banner. Maybe that last one is more American than Swedish. Probably.

From henrik lundqvist

Anyway, Henrik's tattoo is pretty. It looks like a compass rose. A compass rose is the design on maps to display the directions. If it is a compass rose, did he get it when he got his scuba diving certification? I've never heard of anyone commemorating that, but hey maybe he was really excited. Or drunk.

I wonder why he'd get that as the tattoo though, and why is it on the upper back? The upper arm, or back of an upper shoulder, but upper back in the middle? So many questions. I really need to get a hold of someone and gets these questions answered. Inquiring minds want to know.


King Henrik Beats Devils In Shootout!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

King Henrik! Henrik was just stunning tonight. If you didn't see it, you missed one hell of a game. Rangers tied it with 16.5 seconds left to go. King Henrik made amazing saves in overtime and it went to a shootout. Another just amazing glove save that will make the highlight reels in the shootout, along with 2 other saves and the Rangers win!

This is Henrik's 30th win for his fifth straight year. He's the first Rangers goalie to do this and first NHL goalie to it for the first five years. KING HENRIK

From henrik lundqvist

Damn, King Henrik was on fire tonight. Just amazing. I may be biased but the Devils announcers on MSG+ were stunned as well with how much of a wall Lundqvist was. As a matter of fact the cameras kept focusing on Lundqvist through most of the game and not on the Devils goalie, Brodeur.

From henrik lundqvist

The amazing glove save.

And the great thing about beating Brodeur, is that he is a little slimeball. He's the guy that said Lundqvist played weird and was just weird. And Lundqvist just beat him in a goalie duel. HA HA HA. Stick that in your juice box and suck it, Brodeur!

From henrik lundqvist

Brodeur after letting in a goal in the shootout. HA HA HA.

From henrik lundqvist

King Henrik celebrating his win.


Lundy Vs NJ Devils Tonight

From henrik lundqvist

Watching the game online again. I'm surprised they started Lundy after he was started just yesterday. But that's the way Torts has played it. If you're out of the MSG range, you need to watch the game online, like me. I go to a website that lists the games for the day and where the streams are. I try to pick a sopcast as they are crisp and clear. Unfortunately that feed is Devil friendly tonight. Puke.

The Devils are ahead by 1 but Lundy has made some really good saves including a glove save that was gorgeous and had the Devil guy looking up and shaking his head. Yeah, that good. Lundy really is a pleasure to watch when he goes goalie kung fu and just transforms into this energizer bunny swiss army knife and makes these amazing saves.

I've got some screencaps of the game so far:
From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

One hell of a fight in this game 1st period.
From henrik lundqvist

Dubinsky just scored! 1-1 now. HA HA HA HA HA Lundy made a great right leg save and then Parise knocked a rebound in with his arm but the goal was DENIED. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Wow this is one hell of a game tonight! The Rangers are more alive in the 2nd period and they are actually shooting on goal! Lundy is amazing. He has made some really good saves.
From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

Lundy watching the replay of the denied goal, along with everyone else.

I'm actually surprised the Rangers had skills to make that 2nd goal like that. It was really a work of art.


NSFW Henrik Lundqvist Picture!

I finally have one, a NSFW Henrik Lundqvist picture! NSFW means not safe for work for all you Internet newbies out there. But alas our photo does not have Henrik NSFW in it. Henrik is fully clothed and smiling very big. However the partially naked model is NSFW.

Oh yes, you're all interested! Well you know our guy Henrik is a very nice guy. He's a very philanthropic guy and gives to charity and actually is the spokesperson for Garden of Dreams Foundation. Very nice guy. Plus he likes to look good or just likes fashion. Either way, our guy Henrik goes to some fashion shows. And not all of them involve lingerie being modeled. I'm sure some of the fashion shows the models had honest to God clothes on. But not this one!

Nope, in 2008 Henrik found himself a charity fashion show that involved models stripping as they walked the catwalk. But it was for charity and a good cause. Henrik is such a charitable guy you know he couldn't pass this one up. Plus he's even such an amazingly giving guy, that he dragged two of his friends to this charity event: Brendan Shanahan and Aaron Voros. The Rangers do support their charities, do they not?

Here's a little bit more info on the charitable naked fashion show:

"BeBare is "the naughtiest fashion auction in the world." What looks like a standard fashion show at Milk Studios in Manhattan with rows of chairs and a runway, isn't. First, the cocktail party, then the fashion show auction - then the striptease? The models, mostly women, parade their clothes down the runway while the audience bids on the clothes that a model is wearing. Then the models strip off their clothes right in front of the winning bidder. They strip right down to their Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie. The winning bidders, mostly men, love it.

I bet they do. Do you think Henrik bought anything? He seemed to like what this model was sporting. Or not sporting. She was in the process of taking it off so perhaps he bought it?

Finally here's your NSFW photo. Had to put it under all the text so for those reading this at work won't get fired.
From henrik lundqvist


Vote for King Henrik!

From henrik lundqvist

The voting for hottest athlete has started at Sports Squee. The Sport Squee blogger does not like Henrik though and calls him Florence Henderson. Also:
the other is not cute and plays for the fucking Rangers. and also won an Olympic medal. Don't vote for Lundqvist.

So as you can see, we need to click on over and vote for Henrik who is named Florence Henderson in her poll. I already voted. Remember, vote like you're from Chicago and vote early and often! LOL


Henrik Lundqvist Shutout Against Islanders!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Yeah! It's so nice to hear the crowd chant Henrik when we're winning a game at home. Hank did a shutout 5-0 against the Islanders. I'm sure Hank is eating his chocolate cake with chocolate frosting right now. Hank has said that when he gets a shutout, the goalie coach gives him a cake that Hank shares with everyone in the locker.
From henrik lundqvist

You can see the statue of liberty better in this photo.

Hank had a bit of a boring night with only 27 saves. Nothing compared to his career high of 55 saves, but hey at least we won this game.
From henrik lundqvist

The head butting of Henrik starts right after the game. It was a cute ritual to watch, all the Rangers skating up in a line waiting to head butt Henrik.

From henrik lundqvist

I had a good sopcast stream from MSG for this game so I was able to get some good screencaps.
From henrik lundqvist

You can barely see Henrik as all the Rangers are around him waiting to head butt.
From henrik lundqvist

Hank takes his helmet off at the end as he skates off the ice. I don't know about you but that little curl of hair at the back of his neck, and the scruff on his face...DAMN.
From henrik lundqvist

The Rangers saluting the crowd with their sticks. HOCKEY sticks. Hank raised his hockey stick and turned in a circle. He's such a model.
From henrik lundqvist

Henrik getting called back out as #3 star of the game.
From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

Very short little spin around the ice for his star of the game victory lap. Avery skated over to the far side of the rink. I'm just saying.
From henrik lundqvist

Hank going back in and Avery coming out. Avery was the #2 star. Do those kids actually ever touch any player by hanging over the edge?
From henrik lundqvist

Notice our guy Hank on the right side with a towel.
From henrik lundqvist

This picture is here only to point out the girl standing along the back wall with a mic. I WANT HER JOB. How can I get her job? Does she need an assistant? An assistant that will only pay attention when Henrik is in the room? And will try to sneak in the locker room for interviews? I'd be a great assistant for that.
From henrik lundqvist

Hank is glad the game is over and that we actually WON for once. Amazing.


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