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Saturday, February 27, 2010

LOL Ok, it's just a catchy heading for some hot photos I've found of our guy Henrik. While we're jonesing till the New York Rangers hockey games get back on TV, I figured it would be great time to share some photos of Hot Hot Henrik.

Diving vacation somewhere warm without snow. Yes, it's cold out here. Anyway, nice shot but he's squinting something fierce.

I just love this photo. Henrik is taking a break in a park, laying in the sun with his puppy. The puppy is curled up by his side and it is just the most adorable photo ever. Plus we've got some tanned tummy showing with a cheeky hint of some undies under the pants.

Another topless photo of Henrik Lundqvist in a locker room. So I've got to ask, do they just wander around naked in the locker room all the time? I mean, damn. I need to get a job as a locker room reporter or something.

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This photo of Henrik Lundqvist is pretty much the holy grail. Henrik, in a towel. That's it. Just a towel. It's in black and white but I think that allows you to see the muscle definition better. Or whatever. I just love this photo.

Henrik, on a boat! Anyone else now have that song running through their head? He was fishing somewhere when this was taken. Thing around the waist is a belt they put the fishing pole in when trying to land a large, strong fish.

Henrik posing with his diver's log in this photo.

I have to thank the Frolunda marketing person that thought of this awesome idea. It's Henrik and Joel, twins, darn near naked in a promotional ad for the Frolunda hockey team in Goteborg, Sweden. Damn.

Here's a smaller photo of the same pic above, but not as dark so you can see the *cough* muscle definition of Henrik's back better. Again, DAMN.

Is that a compass rose tattoo? I like it. I wonder if he has any more tattoos?


Carol said...

LOVE that puppy photo!! So adorable!

Henrik Lover said...

in the pic of the towel i would have ripped the towel off him

Christine said...

He is extremely gorgeous ! A pleasure to look at .... And a sweetheart of a guy also great goalie. I appreciate all of Henrik's qualities ! :) LET'S GO RANGERS !!!!

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