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Monday, March 15, 2010

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Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers has a variety of nicknames. Some are nicknames and some are just misspellings.

He's got Henke and Lunkan from Sweden. I'm not sure what they mean but apparently Henke is as common nickname for Henrik and Lunkan is common for Lundqvist.

Then from his move over here to the NHL he got some new nicknames. King Henrik is the one he got from fans quite rapidly after he started playing in his rookie year. Hank was given to him my his teammates a common nickname for Henry. Lambo is a nickname I've heard Sean Avery use. Could be in regards to his Lamborghini? Of course that car is totaled due to a bad hydroplane, but I think Sean still uses the nickname.

Due to his last name with a q and v, he's got some misspellings floating around. Common ones are Hendrik Lundqvist, Henrick Lundquist, Henrick Lundqvist, Henrik Lindquist, Henrik Lindqvist, Henrik Lundkvist, Henrik Lundquist and Henrik Lunqvist.

I happen to like King Henrik, Hank and Henke the best. Henke sounds like such a cute nickname. Like one you'd give to a teddy bear. So I present, the Henke Bear! Yes I do have too much time on my hands.

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Carol said...

Do you know how Henke is pronounced? Is it like "Hen-kee?" Or "Henk"? Or "Hank-y"?

christine said...

I've heard the Swedish tv pronounce it and I think it's hein-ke.

Anonymous said...

it's pronounced "hengka" but the "a" at the end is very soft.

ram11273 said...

I like the nickname that I made up----"HENRIK THE HOTTIE" :]
When I met him, after getting autographs n pics he was walking down the street with other fans, I yelled down "HENRIK THE HOTTIE". It was a dark street and even though he was about 30 feet ahead of me he turned around so I turned back as if I didn't say it (there was noone behind me at all, the block was dead) when I turned back he was still looking back and I could still see that his face was blushing. Not too embarassing on either part of us.

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