Atlanta Thrasher Goalie Collapses During Game

Friday, October 8, 2010

Update: Pavelec's in the hospital, conscious and asking about the score of the game. His vital signs are normal. He'll be kept overnight.

This is not Henrik related except by the fact that they are two goalies in the NHL. I hope the goalie's ok but these videos are quite shocking.

This video shows the collapse in the upper left corner. He was squatting and then boom, on the ice and not moving. This was posted in right after it happened.

This one figures out the goalie is down 24 seconds in.


José Théodore Blog said...

This was scary. Hopefully it was nothing serious, and he will make a full and quick recovery. Would dehydration cause something like this? I hope it's something like that.

Joezayfan said...

I read a few days later that they called it "a type of fainting spell." I guess they don't really know why though. But hopefully it's nothing serious. Maybe he was nervous...

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