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Friday, October 8, 2010

henrik lundqvist locker room
From Screen Captures

His face looks thinner than his summer photos. This was taken this morning after their practice and before flying out to Buffalo. I think this must have been the interview with Carp. He seems in a really good mood. I love his dimples and smile! I think he looks closer to his age in this video. He's relaxed, casual attire, hat on the head and looks like a 28 year old athlete. When he's all decked out in the suit he looks much older.

I hope to god this is the season that we finally see a photo of Henrik kissing the Stanley Cup! I think he should have Nova eat out of it. Take it to Gothenburg and just carry it around the city. Drive around with it in the passenger seat of the Maserati. Take it to the kid's goalie camp he runs over there. Wouldn't that be an awesome moment for the kids!

From Screen Captures

He really looks a lot like Joel here.


Anonymous said...

proper credits would have been nice.

next time i won't post news here.

José Théodore Blog said...

His face really does look a lot slimmer here. Working so hard I guess...looks great either way. ;o)

christine said...

@anonymous I usually give credits to the site that created the video or hosted it. If I find out about something first by a commenter, I'll post a thanks. But I didn't find it out first from you. And if you want glory for pointing out Henrik news, you could start your own Henrik blog too.

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