Henrik Went Golfing Today at NY Rangers Golf Outing

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

henrik lundqvist golfing
Today was the annual New York Rangers golf outing with all current Rangers and coaching staff, some alumni, corporate people and fans. It was quite rainy and at one point the rain was going sideways. It was held at Trump International and was the golfing, reception and dinner.

From Jim Cerny's blog:

Henrik Lundqvist knows his role with the Rangers organization, and plays it to perfection. And I don't just mean being the club's world-class goaltender. Lundqvist understands that he is the face of this organization and as such it is his responsibility at these types of events to be seen and to schmooze with the attendees. And he did just that, easily moving from group to group casually making small talk, telling funny stories, and most importantly, making each guest feel that he, personally, appreciated that he/she was there. It is a gift that not every famous athlete owns. But Henrik indeed has that gift.

henrik lundqvist golfingThat's got to be some additional pressure on Henrik being the 'face of the NY Rangers'. Not only is he to be perfect in the net, he's got to be classy, worry about his image and make sure he welcomes and talks to everyone at these events. Wow.

I hope he went home and soaked in the hot tub for hours. Got a massage and relaxed. I find schmoozing events to be stressful if I'm the one that needs to talk to everyone.

How does a fan get invited to this? Even though I'm not that good at golfing I'd love to drive the golf cart. Or the beer cart.


CR9 said...

Yeah baby! He's donning the Yankees cap! WoooooooooHooooooooo!

Hottie Henrik flaunts the greatness!! ♥

Be on vacation for a little while. See you ladies soon! Keep up the tremendous work Christine!

Anonymous said...

Wish there was a vid to go along with those gorgeous pics.

Anonymous said...

Also are you sure this is recent.... because I saw these before.

And there are no news about that on the Rangers Website????!!!!

Check your sources....

christine said...

Nope nothing on their website or facebook. Those photos are from Sweden when Hank was golfing for a celebrity golf outing.

Joezayfan said...

Regardless of where the photo is from or when it was from, I love it. I always like when he wears a baseball cap...it's one of my favorite looks on him and Theo.

christine said...

I like it when he dresses casual, because it doesn't happen very often.

I wanted to use some golfing photos that I hadn't used before in my other Henrik golfs posts. NO ONE has photos from the golf outing yesterday! I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

So how is that they are from Sweden when there is nothing in NY??? Something is fishy about that.....And the dates

But Anyway.....

I prefer the suit and tie or the plaid shirt on him. Lean and Clean. This "look" makes him look short and chubby.

christine said...

@anonymous The photos like I said are from Sweden from I don't know when. They are not from the NY Rangers golf outing yesterday. I noticed too that he looked short in the photos. Normally he looks lean and tall.

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