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Friday, December 31, 2010

henrik lundqvist new ranger sweater

Anyone heard about that new info directory site called spokeo? Just heard about it from Boing Boing and is it a bit surprising. It compiles info on anybody from everywhere or so it says. There is a lot of info that you wouldn't expect to be there, but it is also missing some obvious info.

So, new people info directory and what do I do? I put in Henrik's name, of course! And yes it's New Year's Eve, but there's a nasty blizzard outside, interstates and roads are closed and I've got pneumonia anyway so what else am I going to do?

It's got his first location in the US in Tarrytown, NY but it's the address and phone number of the MSG Training Center! LOL It misses the New York, NY addresses completely. There are two other addresses for Port Washington, NY and East Meadow, NY. Did he ever live there or is there actually another Henrik Lundqvist out there?
henrik lundqvist bitchin
I don't want to scare anyone, but according to archives.org there's a marriage record out there for a Henrik Lundqvist.

And Henrik's website is officially gone. Henrik-lundqvist.com was bought by a domainer and it just has ads on it now. :(

According to 123people.com it's got Henrik's email address as my email from this blog! No wonder I'm getting emails in Swedish from people thinking I'm Henrik! How the heck did that happen. The funny thing is that they either want to be a chef at his new restaurant, reserve a table, or stop in to visit him when they come to New York. I have absolutely no idea who to forward these emails on so that they reach Henrik.
henrik lundqvist


Henrik Lundqvist's Happy New Year's Eve!

Henrik striptease on ice
Henrik partially undressed on the ice. Now if we could only get him to continue the striptease.

I don't know about you, but any hockey fan's night should include a viewing of Slap Shot. That's the funniest damn movie I've ever seen. Don't let your kids watch it though. I really think more hockey games should end with an on ice striptease by a hockey player. Dear god I could not stop laughing while watching that. Of course my vote for on ice stripper is Henrik!


Henrik Likes Cheesecake & the Vezina

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist 2
Which is really not much of a surprise, considering he's one big happy piece of cheesecake himself! Twitterer @amanda8713 heard that Henrik was at the Cheesecake Factory the night of Dec 14th. No word on what cheesecake he ordered. I'm partial to the turtle myself.

The Hockey News has Henrik at spot number 8 for Vezina contender this season.

8. Henrik Lundqvist - Continues to be the finest New York has to offer. Lundqvist has faced the sixth-most shots in the league and is tied with Thomas atop the NHL with five shutouts.

I, of course, would like to see him near the top of the list. I'm pretty damn sure he does too. I wouldn't be surprised though, if he moves to the top three spots by the end of the season.


Hank is a Beast. We Knew That.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jim Cerny, beat writer with the NY Rangers, devotes a very long article to Henrik today. And with good reason. Henrik has been a rock for the Rangers for years but one fact that really makes him stand out is that Henrik can do something stunning, absolutely abysmally shocking and bounce back the very next day to smack the crap out of the Capitals with one hell of a shut out. Hank is a beast.

The next night, after he bounced back with a 31-save shutout---his league-leading fifth of the season---backstopping the Rangers to a 7-0 victory over the Capitals, I asked Lundqvist when he was able to let go of that bad goal and disappointing loss.

"Not until during the day today," Lundqvist responded. "It really bothered me and I was really frustrated and disappointed. I was so glad (Tortorella) put me in (Sunday) so that I could just get it out of my system. Sometimes when I am upset with myself I use it as energy. This was the answer I was looking for."

But the real reason why the Rangers laid it on the line in the waning moments on Sunday is that they knew---they saw---how painful it was for Lundqvist to let them down 24 hours earlier. Now they wanted to reward the goalie they respect, admire, and trust to the max by helping him secure an important shutout to fully erase the pain he felt in Columbus.

"Hank is our rock back there and we want him to have success," said Brandon Dubinsky. "I think the big thing for us was the way he responded. He was amazing. We wanted to lock it down and get (the shutout) for him because of the way he showed up (Sunday) night and the way he responded."

I predict this team is going to go far. There was some electric energy before the season started and now that it's been rolling along for a few months, that feeling gets even stronger.

Yes I'm back. Had to take time off to get away from the semi anonymous idiots and deal with a family medical emergency.


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