Henrik Lundqvist Practice Photos

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robyn is a lucky, lucky lady. She was one of six season ticket holders that got to see the NY Rangers practice this morning. And of course, Henrik was there and she has photographic evidence!

From Desktop

From Desktop

From Desktop

Do they not look like skating skittles? Why are they all in different colors? Shouldn't it be half in one color and half in another? And yes, I thought of "Taste the Rainbow" too.

According to some anonymous source Prust and Henrik have been hitting the town pretty hard this season and Prust is trying to 'meet and greet' as many ladies as possible. Nothing about Henrik in that regards other than he's with Prust a lot.


Trish said...

Very skittles-like... But not just for funsies - each color is a line or position, usually. Peeked at Robyn's other pics, and it looks like yellow is 4th line, white is Avery/D-Step/Fed, red was defense, etc.

Prust = mini-Voros?

christine said...

Ah, I wondered what was going on with the colors! I love the Avery/Stepan/Fedetanko(?) line! I think it's my favorite line.

Was Voros a big playboy too? I know Avery/Voros/Lundqvist hung out all the time, but I don't hear of Prust/Lundqvist/Avery just P & L. Though there are comments from other anonymous people that Henrik goes after cocktail waitresses at the high end bars.

Trish said...

I don't really know anything about Voros and the ladies - I just meant the tripod (or whatever they called it) is no more, so thought maybe Prust was the Voros fill-in. And they play the same-ish style/role too (though Prust is better at it). He's just shorter :p

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