More Henrik Lundqvist Photos From Yesterday's Game

Saturday, October 16, 2010

henrik Lundqvist
Photos by the amazing Theresa from Chicks Who Give a Puck who managed to sneak in a good camera to MSG!

Even though the NY Rangers lost, and we're all very sad and upset today, remember that Henrik was absolutely amazing in the game. Which actually makes it hurt worse. Because we all want the NY Rangers to win for Henrik. What can you do. Drury broke the same broken finger, but in a new place and Gaborik seperated his shoulder. Yikes.
henrik lundqvist pregame skate
But Henrik was Henrik and did some spectacular saves. He can seem to read minds and outfox the opponents. When it's not so busy in front of his office with opponents screening him. There was even a Henrik chant going at MSG.
henrik lundqvist team intro
Henrik's stick is too short to go in the circle! :(
henrik Lundqvist


theresa said...

glad you like my pics :)

christine said...

They are really good! Is there a link you want me to put on this post along with your name saying these are your pics?

theresa said...

thanks! snuck my good camera into the garden :) um, I guess you could either direct them to my flickr page or the website I write for, it's up to you!

christine said...

What website do you write for?

theresa said... :)

I also did a write up on a Q&A Henrik did at the NHL store last month if you're on there and want to check it out!

christine said...

Ok the links are up there! I read the writeup and it was good. I even commented on it!

theresa said...

omg that's right, I remember that now...I didn't realize that was you! what a small world lol :D

thanks for the cred/links :)

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