Henrik in the TSN Top 50 & Random Photos

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

henrik lundqvist bandit radio
TSN released their top 50 players list. Henrik of course is in the list, but at #30. I thought he should have been higher up.

30. Henrik Lundqvist - The impact goalie is a star on and off the ice in Gotham City.

Henrik Lundqvist scuba diving
Henrik off the ice and in the warm water.

underneath henrik lundqvist
The view from under Henrik. ;)

Her chest looks weird. Damn is Henrik tan. Is that Bruce Willis?

henrik lundqvist with kid
Henrik is such a nice guy. I never hear of him being crabby or annoyed.


Anonymous said...

Like the first and 3rd photos

No it is def NOT Willis. Prolly some Sweedish dude at a party.


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