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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At Steiner Sports you can buy autographed stuff by Henrik Lundqvist or actual game used items. One is a hockey stick that is cracked, which made me laugh.
henrik lundqvist hockey stick

Henrik Lundqvist Signed #30 New York Rangers 2009-2010 Game Used Bauer Goalie Stick (Left Hand) (Cracked) $999

So if you've got $1k sitting around and want to put it into an unusable item that will hang on your wall and collect dust, then I suggest buying this. I don't really get collecting autographed items that are so expensive. I understand wanting a game used item, an item actually used by the King himself, but not for 1k!
henrik lundqvist locker room nameplate
Next item is a locker room nameplate. Now this a pretty cool item. It was over Henrik's little cubby for the season. However, it's $175.
Henrik Lundqvist #30 New York Rangers Game Used Locker Room Name Plate (Black, White, Blue)

Again, I wouldn't buy it. Henrik is just a man, albeit a god among men, but still just a guy. I'd definitely get a photo of him, take a photo with him, shake his hand but that's probably it. Well, except for the NY Rangers casino night. You get to wander around and hang out with the guys for a few hours! And the money goes to a charity. So I'd pony up the $500 to go to that.


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