Henrik Still Adjusting This Season

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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As you could probably tell, Henrik is still working the kinks out for this season. From the NY Daily News:
"We've only had two games, so it still feels like we haven't started really, yet," the goaltender said Wednesday in Greenburgh. "We're still looking to get into that nice rhythm."

"You didn't really get into a flow before you get a couple days off," Lundqvist said. "It's a long break here, but we've also got an opportunity to work on some stuff, so that's good. After this, it goes, so I'm looking to get into a nice rhythm."

I can't wait for him to get in his rhythm because we'll be sure to see some amazing games then.

From Recently Updated


Joezayfan said...

Both of those ads are awesome!

christine said...

Aren't they though? I ran across them on the NHL site. He looks really good in them!

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