Hockey Romance with Henrik?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Czech Republic Rangers Hockey

It's hard going through this Henrik withdrawl especially since he won't make the World Cup with his knee problem. There is the potential to not see any new pictures of him, or read any new articles until he goes back to training camp in SEPTEMBER. OMG

Due to the severe Henrik withdrawl symptoms I started looking for hockey books on Amazon. Guess what I found? There are hockey romance novels! Who knew? It's actually the perfect solution. You can read about a hockey team called the New York Blades playing at Met Gar (I love how things are just *slightly* changed from real life) and pretend the male protagonist is Henrik and the female is you! No matter how the guy was described in the book, I always visualized him as Henrik. I can't help it.

I read Body Check first and I just loved it. I know, romance novels are cheesy. I can't help it, I'M IN SEVERE WITHDRAWL. I can read my cheesy novel and pretend they're about the New York Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist. They're really perfect to take to the beach on your summer vacation. Or soak in the tub while reading one.

Fair Play was the next one I read and again I loved it. The third one Penalty Box I didn't like as much. Probably because it wasn't set in New York and it was an ex New York Blades player.

Chasing Stanley I really liked. Probably because it had a dog in it. The main guy has black hair and brown eyes but oddly I kept visualizing Henrik with black hair and brown eyes. LOL And of course, the female was always me! I know, pathetic.

Henrik Rangers

Here are the other hockey romance novels that I've seen recommended but that I haven't read yet. There are quite a few of them! I hope these last me till the New York Rangers start up again this fall. :( I miss Henrik. And his "hockey butt". LOL


Carol said...

I had no idea these existed. It's been about 20 years since I've read a romance novel...but maybe I'll pick one up again. Thanks for the titles! I work in a unversity library and have collections of hundreds of libraries at my disposal with interlibrary loans, so I could probably get these without having to buy...

CR9 said...

Forget about hockey romance...

I'd love 2 have a Henrik romance!

CR9 said...

Hope everything's ok with Christine!

Carol said...

Yeah, she's been pretty quiet lately. But we know she's still around, because she's moderating and posting our replies.

Hope all is well, Christine!

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