Henrik Lundqvist Made 46 Saves!

Monday, April 12, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Yes, that's the title of the post. I came back from my Twin Cities trip (couldn't get a station to listen to the game) to find myself wincing and sad for Henrik. He made 46 saves in one game! 46 saves is a hell of a lot. Most games he does 20-30 and that's it. He made 46 saves and it went to a shootout. He was dead tired, exhausted. The entire season fell onto one game and one guy: Henrik Lundqvist.
“I was dead tired”

Why did this happen? The fact that an entire season and game rested on our guy Henrik's shoulders is not a surprise. The Rangers have sat back and waiting for Henrik to save their asses all season. Too bad they finally woke up and started to play relatively decent just these last few games. Otherwise the entire season wouldn't have hinged on one game.

And Henrik was just overplayed this season. Where was his rest? We got a backup goalie but why wasn't he used? Henrik was stunning in this game from what I've heard. Some damn outrageous saves. He bled blue. He gave his heart. 46 saves. But he was dead exhausted by the time the shootout happened.

I hope Henrik knows it's not his fault. But I'm pretty sure he's probably still in the post game shower trying to drown himself. Henrik, you didn't lose the game. The only reason the Rangers had a chance at the final playoff spot was because of Henrik. Henrik wanted it. He gave his heart and they still didn't make it. It wasn't due to Henrik that they didn't make it.

Henrik, of anyone, deserves the Vezina. He plays goalie and carries an entire team. He's phenomenal. We all already know that though. Give the Vezina to the deserving goalie this year, not the goalie attached to a team that wins alot. Henrik is the best goalie.

I'm sure this stuns Henrik and hurts him worse than anyone else on that team. He made playoffs with the Frolunda Indians. He made playoffs with the New York Rangers. But when you're head and shoulders above everyone else on the team, there's only so much you can do. Henrik couldn't carry them all the way this year.

The season’s over and it sucks.

The Swedish sports papers are even wondering when Henrik will ask to be sold to a better team. They also pointed out that Henrik missed going further in the Olympics and now with the NHL this season. Yeah, that's got to hurt.

I don't know what Henrik is going to do for the next few weeks other than sit and stare blankly at the wall in shock. I hope someone is there to snap him out of it. Get him down to his pad in South Beach Miami, throw him on the beach and get him as far as hockey as possible. The guy needs to recoup, recharge and just get a much needed break.

There is not much to say. The season is over and it sucks, "said Henrik Lundqvist, and leaves the locker room. Lundqvist did not want to answer any questions about any World Cup games.

Well, no shit.

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Watching Henrik in this post game interview makes me want to cry.

Here's to you King Henrik. You still kick ass and deserve so much more.


Trish said...

As much as I'll always be a Ranger fan, I'm a Lundqvist fan too, and have been wondering for a while what it would take for him to ask to get traded. While I don't see him and his flashy cars and suits putzing around the likes of Nashville or Edmonton. I keep thinking that if Chicago still can't decide on a goalie and they end up choking in the playoffs despite their young scoring talent that they might be a candidate for Hank. But I don't really think that the NY money-hungry management would ever let that happen. They'll keep their claws in him as long as they can, because not only is he carrying the team, he's the (pretty) face of the team and must be bringing in loads of extra cash just by sticking his last name on t-shirts, etc. But I digress.

As far as the Vezina, I actually disagree there. The official 'requirement' for the Vezina is to be the best goalie. Stats show that, while still great, Hank wasn't quite up to snuff when it came to others like Rask, Nabokov, and Miller this year. Yes, had he had decent players in front of him not hanging him out to dry his stats probably would have been better. But that just goes to prove my counterpoint - Hank doesn't deserve the Vezina, he deserves the Hart, for being the player "judged to be the most valuable to his team." I don't know that there is a single team out there who, minus one player, would have been as worse off as the Rangers minus Hank. Even the Caps and Penguins can win without Ovechkin and Criesby. Rangers without Lundqvist? Not so much. But, of course, he wont' get it. And he won't be traded. And the Rangers will be miserably mediocre in front of him again next year. Sigh. And I'll be forced to spam your blog again with more rambling rants. lol.

Sorry. Guess I needed to vent :)

Oh, and as jealous as us ladies might be of his gf Therese, here's hoping, for Hank's sake, that she's earning her keep right now and helping him get his mind off the game yesterday :)

christine said...

I know Henrik has said many times that he loves New York and would probably stay even after his hockey life is over. But he has to be rethinking that right about now. This team sucks. This management sucks. I want to see him win the Cup! He deserves the Hart for sure. But I guess if your team doesn't win enough, you won't get the big hardware which is BS in Hank's case. He deserves it!

I just feel so bad for Henrik today. I can't believe it. I had to quit watching the video because Henrik was so depressed I thought I was going to start crying.

Therese better be cheering him up! If not,there's a harem out there of Henrik women ready to do the job!

Robyn said...

When I hear the tone of his voice & see the look on his face, I just want to cry! Henrik played his heart out in that game and it was, in the end, for nothing. I just hurt for him right now.

Trish said...

Looks like *he* was the one about to cry :( Poor guy.

Linda said...

"Oh, and as jealous as us ladies might be of his gf Therese, here's hoping, for Hank's sake, that she's earning her keep right now and helping him get his mind off the game yesterday :)"

Do you mean he suports her? She has no income of her own?

christine said...

That's right. As far as we know, and from things Henrik as said, Therese's only job is to decorate the apartments around the world, be tour guide for visiting friends and family, get the laundry/dry cleaning done, cook and be supportive.

Trish said...

What Christine said may be right, but I don't know either way whether he financially supports her or not. For all I know she's a trust fund baby and has more money than he does.

What I said as far as 'earning her keep' wasn't meant to be literal - I could have just as easily said 'being a super-duper and supportive girlfriend' or something. But that sounds pretty cheesy :) So I went with 'earning her keep.' Didn't mean to imply anything.

christine said...

I took your comment to mean earning her keep as a girlfriend i.e. bedroom activities to help Henrik feel better. And I hope it's working. If not, I'm pretty sure there's quite a few that would volunteer!

Trish said...

Well, yeah, that too. ;)

Carol said...

The post-game interview was so painful to watch. He looked so sad. And I bet he wanted to punch the reporter asking him questions when it was obvious he was heartbroken. Leave the guy alone for a while. Give him some time to grieve their season before you pound him with stupid questions. Gawd!

Carol said...

I just wanted to leave something here so that I could get notifications of replies now that I have an account. Thanks and sorry to clog. I just seriously wanted to give him a big hug during this interview. Big, big comforting hug for the poor guy.

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