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Thursday, April 8, 2010

From hank lundqvist

It's not enough to have a fathead of Henrik on your wall anymore is it? Now you need him on your cell phone, your web browser, your MySpace page and everything else you've got. I can't help you with a Henrik calendar, because as far as I know there isn't one yet. (Henrik - HINT HINT) But I have found some awesome Henrik stuff for your online properties.

There's a lot of Henrik Lundqvist MySpace layouts here. I never really got into MySpace, but if you've got one then show your Henrik devotion!

Here's a Henrik cell phone wallpaper.

Henrik Lundqvist PSP wallpaper here. I really like this picture used.

And here's Henrik wallpaper for your Blackberry.

If you use Google.com/ig as your home page then you'll love this Henrik theme. Here's another nice Henrik Google theme. And here's another one, this with a black background.

We've got one Henrik twitter background. It's not a full background, just a sidebar.
From henrik lundqvist

Henrik wants to lounge around on your cell phone background.


John said...

I liked reading your blog and would love to offer you a free MLB Fathead JR wall pin up in exchange for a post. Email me back if you’re interested. john@smile.ly

christine said...

I'm not interested in MLB, this is A HOCKEY BLOG.

Carol said...

I love that photo of Joel and Henrik at the bottom. That Brothers ad was just awesome. So many good shots came out of it.

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