Henrik Lundqvist Dry Spell Starts Today

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik at a tennis court. A common occurrence in the summer months.

So today is the New York Rangers break up day. I'm sure it means the day when Henrik's fans feel like they're getting dumped for the summer. We've had non stop coverage of Henrik and then BAM, nothing. I have no idea how we're going to get through the drought of no Henrik coverage. The rest of April, May, June, July, August with NO HENRIK.

Yes it is break up day. It's the day all of us cry wondering how we're going to survive without seeing new photos of Henrik or watching him on TV. It will be a black hole of Henrikness. WAH

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and Joel Lundqvist on Swedish tennis courts soaking up rays.

Hopefully the Swedish papers can keep us up on what he's doing over there. Last summer he went to Paris and Italy along with the standard Sweden trip. What will he do this year? Make an effigy of Sather and light it on fire during Midsummer Fest in Gothenburg? Make a sand sculpture of the Stanley Cup and jump all over it screaming? Show Torts what an angry Swedish viking really looks like?

Bottom line, I hope Avery and Voros visit him this summer so we can get some photos twittered of Henrik. And Henrik recharges somehow. This was a tough 2010 so far for him.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and Joel laughing at the crazy chicks blogging about Henrik.


Trish said...

If today is 'breakup' day, there might be a chance of a temporary 'reunion' if he decides to play in the World Championships in May. He did in 2008. I haven't heard anything about this year though.

CR9 said...

Hope not! He needs rest!

OMG, I didnt think my Hankie bear could get any hotter, but with that Yankees hat, HotDamn!!!!

CR9 said...

Feel kinda bad for Joel. Hank's got the superior looks by FARRR!!

Joel must be jealous :)

Anonymous said...

I think Joel's just not as photogenic. But there are definitely some pictures out there where Joel shows he can most certainly hold his own against Hank :)

christine said...

They look identical but there is a slight difference in the lower half of their faces. Hank's face is thinner than Joel's and I think that makes the difference. I might do a post this summer on the differences. Especially since we'll be in a blackhole of no new Hank photos. WAH

CR9 said...


Id appreciate that christine!

Tere said...

Hopefuly he will be partying here in Stockholm and I will get to see him in some pub like in previous years :D

christine said...

Tere you are so lucky! Did you get a pic? Shake his hand? Grab his ass? Did he dance at all or just sit and drink? Was he alone or with Therese? OMG you are so lucky!

Carol said...

I would just sit in a corner and stare at him like a goon. I wouldn't even be able to approach, because I'd feel so bad about bothering him. But OMG I'd want to so badly....it must be so hard for him to go out in public in Sweden...

Carol said...

And I actually think Joel is very handsome too. When they have identical hair, they look very, very similar. Like when they were younger. Now that Henrik's hair is longer, they look more different. But Joel is quite handsome too. Makes me wonder how beautiful their sister is...? Maybe a whole family of lookers.

Anonymous said...

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