Amazing Henrik Lundqvist Art

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I know you've probably all seen wallpaper of Henrik, or icons, but have you seen traditional art? Drawings of Henrik? Even poetry?

This Henrik Lundqvist drawing is amazing. It's not available as a print but there is a button to request it as print. I love drawings and this one seems to really catch the determination of Henrik as he gets ready for a game. Notice the lightning on the mask.

All I can say for this Henrik Lundqvist drawing is DAMN. This guy is good. The shading and blending is amazing. I am blown away. Looks like Henrik has a good playoff beard going. No print enabled for this one either.

Here's a digital art of Henrik. It's from one of the Ranger's yearbooks. If it was bigger it would be really nice desktop wallpaper. No print enabled for this one either.

There's some great Henrik Lundqvist wallpaper on also, but this artist went one better. He provides a step by step walkthrough on how he created the wallpaper. And here's the Henrik wallpaper.

And this one, is a very unique drawing of Henrik. I think it's called chibi style. Not sure.

Here's our only Henrik poem that I've found so far:

He is
The guardian
Angel of a platoon
Of monsters, but nevertheless
A god.

I haven't seen any paintings of Henrik yet. I think an oil painting or even watercolor would be nice. Any artists out there? Have any Henrik art to share? I'd like to see someone make a Henrik quilt.


Trish said...

Ha! Even big-eyed and cartoonized, Henrik has the best hair

christine said...

I know! Did you see how Henrik had a smirk and extra waves in his hair? The artist took extra on him to make him special. LOL

Carol said...

These are all impressive, but I especially like the 2nd one. The artist captured his eyes, my favorite feature, perfectly.

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