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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ok, so not all are hot. Or have Henrik shirtless. But some do! And really, isn't any video with Henrik in it, a hot video? I think so.

I was going to post about something else today, can't remember what now since my brain is melted after watching so many videos of Henrik. My withdrawl was getting to be so great that photos just weren't doing it for me anymore. I needed a stronger fix. Photos are just the gateway. Once you have Henrik photos you'll eventually need something stronger. I gave in to the temptation, I couldn't handle it! The Henrik videos are working for now but eventually, I'll need a stronger fix for my Henrik addiction.

This is the video. The one with a shirtless Henrik and the background porn music. LOL Feel free to watch it over and over and over. Oh yeah, it's got Joel in it too.

Behind the scenes video of the shooting of the Men's Journal feature in 2008. Henrik in a suit, in skates, on ice. YUMMY

Behind the scenes of another photoshoot for Henrik. This one is for Page Six the ice man of sexiness or whatever it was titled. Hot bitch on ice? Nothing frozen about this stud? LOL

This video is worth the fuzziness. Frolunda Indians are 2004-2005 season SEL Champions. And Henrik, of course, played a huge in that. He's in this video skating around with the trophy and kissing it. And the crowd is chanting Henrik over and over. He's number 35.

Closeup quick video of Henrik staring RIGHT AT YOU talking about something. I just watch his lips move. I don't know what he's saying.

Another short one. This is a 12 second commercial of Henrik for Versus.

9 seconds of Henrik blocking a penalty shot and crowd going wild.

Hockey is apparently huge in Sweden. Here's video of Henrik being introduced on a balcony above 30,000 fans (stat off another website) after the Frolunda championship win in 2005. Damn. Cigar in mouth and spraying the crowd with champagne.

Nearly 4 minute video of Henrik interviewed pre season in 2007. I LOVE this hairstyle. LOVE. Henrik needs to go back to it.

Little over a minute of a closeup of Henrik and his big eyes and long, long eyelashes talking about being a little goalie as a kid in Sweden. Awwwwwwwww.

Henrik getting dressed in the locker room! Ok, so he's only putting on the hockey pads, but still. 2 and a half minutes of Henrik talking about the new hockey pads. And seeing him in the locker room.

Four and a half minutes of Henrik at the Tre Kroner Olympic orientation camp. Nearly 5 minutes of Henrik speaking Swedish! No idea what he's saying but it's sexy as hell.

MSG Henrik Lundqvist profile video part 1.

Part 2 of the MSG Henrik profile.

Part 3 of the MSG Henrik profile video.

Part 4 of the MSG Henrik profile.


Carol said...

I hadn't seen that HNIC one. Wow!! That's my favorite so far...the close-up of his eyes makes me melt! And I love to hear him talk about his family...Joel and his parents. Good stuff!!! Thanks so much!! (Looking forward to the "stretching" ones. ;o)

Carol said...

I just watched the Page Six photoshoot one, and that was great too! I love how the woman said "We wanted more skin..." I bet you did, Ms. Thang!! If I was that close to him it would've been hard not to rip the shirt off!! ;o) 3 buttons is all they got! HaHa That's ok...he looks great in shirts too. ;o)

christine said...

LOL I found it! I'll make a new post for it.

Tere said...

Thanks fr posting this videos! I love the the Page six one :D

christine said...

I love the page six one and how she was SO DISAPPOINTED that she couldn't get Henrik to go shirtless! LOL

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