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Monday, April 19, 2010

Henrik box play rocking
From the post Olympics gold medal party in 2006? Or Frolunda Championship? Some winning thing from the text of the paper. Whenever it was, I'd like to be invited to the next party!

We all know Henrik is talented on ice, but apparently he's pretty talented at playing the guitar too. He said he started to play guitar to get his mind off hockey. When you play pro you're practicing, playing games and really have hardly any time for anything else. But by playing guitar you can relax and do something to get your mind off it.

Henrik has also said that he loves going back to his penthouse, going out on the terrace and playing guitar to relax while listening to the city. Awwwwww.

Nice legs.

The band he had back in Sweden was made up of hockey Frolunda Indians teammates and was called Box Play. He was surprised back when he came over in 2006 about all the focus on the band. It was just a way to relax and they weren't serious or anything. Actually I think in one interview he said they were horrible. He played bass.


I don't care if his band was horrible. I just want to see him in that wig again! LOL

He's also mentioned that sometimes when he's in the net waiting for action he'll think of things like what guitar he's going to buy the next day. In another interview (I have got to stop losing these interviews so I can link to them!) he said the first thing he bought with his NY Rangers paycheck was a guitar.

A professional athlete AND in a band? He's got the chick magnet thing figured out, hasn't he?

Last summer he played at the opening of Sean Avery's bar Warren 77 and apparently mentioned that he wanted to get a band together in NYC. He was getting name suggestions all night and liked the name Five Hole Soul the best.

Henrik playing guitar at the opening. Awwwwwwww. I love a man that can play guitar.

Henrik guitar Warren 77 opening

I'm recognizing some Ikea furniture! Recognize that guitar from the photos above?


Carol said...

Great post. Love the photo with the wig. Too funny.

Carol said...

I also noticed Therese in the video at Avery's bar opening. She looked happier and more smiling than normal...I just don't think she is comfortable with the picture-taking thing. I think she seems nice...I hope she is anyway.

christine said...

I hope she's nice too, but according to an ex girlfriend of a Frolunda Indian player on Henrik's team, she was controlling and not nice at all. Apparently no one liked her. I got turned off watching a video of a swedish TV station interviewing him and she didn't smile, didn't look up, walked off and that just did it for me.

Tere said...

Christine, do you know where I can find that video?

christine said...

Let me look for it. I hope I have it bookmarked. I think it was that did the interview. Henrik had on a long coat and hat.

christine said...

I found it!

Therese and the dog start at 4:12

Carol said...

Thanks for the link to that Swedish video. Even though I couldn't understand most of what was being said, it was still very cool. And it was neat to hear the Rangers fans talking in English all of a sudden. I'm like, "Whoa, I can understand that!" I think he didn't mind the dog being in the video...he liked being able to show Nova sitting. What bothered me was Therese being on her phone while walking the dog! Get off your phone so you can pay attention to your dog. Of course that bugs me with anyone. I'm so tired of seeing people on their phones ALL the time!!! The younger the are the more they are on them. My niece is 17, and she's never without her phone. She can't understand how I don't have mine in my hand 24 hours a day. Sheesh.

christine said...

He loved the dog. It's Therese I have a problem with. She knows he's being interviewed on camera and yet she stands behind him with his dog and she didn't expect that the dog would pester him or try to jump on him? And she couldn't be bothered to at the least smile or say hi to the camera or Henrik? So she butts into the interview, doesn't look up or smile and then just walks off. I'd be pissed at her.

Carol said...

Hey Tere, can you tell us what he says when the dog and Therese are in the picture? I was wondering if he commented on them. Nova is a big girl now!

Tere said...

"I found it!

Therese and the dog start at 4:12"

Thank you!! :D

Tere said...

"Hey Tere, can you tell us what he says when the dog and Therese are in the picture? I was wondering if he commented on them. Nova is a big girl now!"

Hej Carol!

Henrik was talking about the other players in the Rangers that would play in the Olimpics.
When Therese appears the journalist says he divides his apartment with his gf and his dog . The next time he speaks it is to say he likes very much to live in NY.

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