Golfing Henrik Lundqvist

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Henrik golfing
I don't think I've seen Henrik in any bad color, but DAMN doesn't he look good in black.

One of Henrik's summertime activities is golfing. I don't think he golfs as much as he plays tennis, but he does golf. Now that he, unfortunately, has more summer to play with this year he's got more time for golfing.

How often does he golf? It looks like he golfs with Rangers supporters in some sort of outing. It's probably set up like the season ticket holder gatherings in that only a few Rangers show up. Or perhaps a golf outing was auctioned off for charity?

Wouldn't you be nervous as heck to be golfing with Henrik? I'm not that good of a golfer anyway and being with a pro athlete would just screw up my game like crazy.


Do you think Henrik gets nervous having to golf with people he doesn't know? I'd be worried that I'd do horribly and embarrass myself if I was a pro athlete. Even if he's not a pro golfer, people might expect a pro athlete to play better at any sport. So much pressure!

Since he's got some knee problems right now, I'm wondering if golfing is a good idea for him. It's got huge stresses on the back, but how much does a golf swing affect the knee? As long as he doesn't walk the course dragging his bag, golfing probably won't hurt his knee.

Do you think Henrik uses the New York Rangers hockey stick putter when he plays? LOL

Golfing dude is pissed Henrik makes more money than him. And tans. And looks better in golfing attire. LOL


Carol said...

Always great to see different photos of Henrik. These aren't recent photos, right? I mean...was this after the season already? Or last year maybe?

christine said...

No these aren't recent. I'm not sure what years they were from, but definitely not this year!

Carol said...

They are great! Thanks for posting! Wonder what he's up to right now...still in New York? Already on a plane somewhere? Deciding if he's going to play in the World Championships...I miss him!

CR9 said...

I miss him too, Carol!

He is probably thinking about how this time next year, he'll be fighting for a Stanley Cup!!

These are great pics, Christine. Great seeing different sides of Henrik the man, err, I mean, god!

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