Henke Lundqvist Gets A Goal Assist!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

From hank lundqvist

Henke is happy.

That's right, Henke had a goal assist tonight! Henke went behind the net to grab the loose puck and Staal yelled at him to just leave it. Staal took it, ran with it and scored! Henke said in the post game interview that Staal told him "see what happens when you listen to me?".

Yes, Henke is just that damn good. Not only does stop 90 mile an hour pucks, but he helps score on the other team too!
From hank lundqvist

Henke celebrating after the game.

Henke had a pretty easy night but still made some amazing saves as usual. If the Rangers can keep the puck at the other end, that will make these back to back games easier on Henke.
From hank lundqvist

The standard head butt after the game. It's still adorable. It will never grow old.

I don't know about you, but these after game interviews with Henke kill me. Scruffy hair growth,messy wet hair, tight shirt, baseball cap on, yeah. GORGEOUS. Does he do this on purpose? Does he know he's killing his female (and some male) fans every time he interview like this?
From hank lundqvist


Robyn F. said...

Agree with you on the post-game interviews. Absolutely my fave part of the Rangers post-game shows. Especially when the lighting is just right & his blue eyes look just so damn awesome!!

christine said...

Those eyes kill me! They are so light blue that I thought they were gray or a gray blue. So unusual.

I love it when he looks at the camera for split second, such an honest and open glance!

Carol said...

Yes! The eyes...I wrote a haiku about his butt, now I need to about his eyes. They are my favorite feature of his....so gorgeous.

christine said...

I think his eyes change color or something.

Carol said...

I've noticed that too. I think it's because his pupils are pretty big. And sometimes they are even bigger than normal. So the blue part of his eyes isn't very big. And when the pupils get bigger, the blue gets smaller. Then when the light is a certain way, it makes his eyes look darker than the regular light blue. Not that I've paid close attention or anything...

christine said...

I've noticed that too! His pupils are huge like a shark's. Does the extra light help him see sharper, faster? Could he be the perfect specimen engineered for hockey? LOL

Carol said...

Ok, here's my haiku about his eyes:

Light blue sometimes gray,
They make my heart skip a beat,
His eyes so gorgeous

And yes, I feel he is the perfect specimen. For sure.

Anonymous said...

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