Henrik is MVP 4th Year In a Row!

Friday, April 9, 2010

From hank lundqvist

KING HENRIK salutes his subjects.

Our guy Hank was voted the New York Rangers MVP for the fourth year in a row. It's an honor he was chosen, and he sets a new record with this as well as he's the only Ranger to have won it 4 years in a row.

Is anyone surprised? I'm not! Henrik is the backbone and heart of this team. Henrik pulls the Rangers to win games. Henrik really is KING. And I'm getting way too sappy.

The Rangers’ MVP, voted on by the Professional Hockey Writers Association, was awarded to Henrik Lundqvist. This is the fourth consecutive year that Lundqvist has won the award, which marks the most consecutive years an individual has been named Rangers’ MVP.

Lundqvist currently ranks fifth in the NHL in saves (1,872) and sixth in time on ice (4,078:49). He has recorded four shutouts this season, while ranking ninth in the NHL in goals against average (2.40) and 11th in wins (34). Lundqvist is the only goalie in NHL history to post 30-or-more wins in each of his first five seasons, and the first Rangers goaltender in team history to post five straight 30-win seasons.

As you can see by the stats, Henrik is the Rangers secret weapon. Can you believe he was picked 205th in the draft?!?! I hope whomever picked him got one big fat raise.

Oh yeah, and the Rangers won tonight. WOOT. They beat the Flyers at home so now the Rangers need to beat them on their home ice. I'm sure Hank can do it. Then we'll be in the playoffs!

Tonight was also the Blueshirts off our Backs ceremony after the game. I didn't get to see the guys skate over and give their shirts. That's actually my favorite part of it. I wish the Rangers highlight didn't just announce the shirt winners, but showed the guys giving the shirts. The hugs to the kids, hand shakes, etc. is the best part.

From hank lundqvist

A sweaty, disheveled, scruffy Henrik waiting to strip off his shirt.

I'll be off to the Twin Cities this weekend so no new posts until Sunday night. I didn't check the schedule till now and thought the Sunday game was at night. IT'S NOT. 2pm Central time. I'll be in the car. :( Is there some radio station that broadcasts the game that I could get in the Twin Cities? I CANNOT MISS OUT ON THIS GAME. I'll be biting my fingernails while driving.

Post game victory kiss, uh celebration.

Look at the amazing stretch Henrik is doing while balancing on his skates and pads! I don't know how he does this stuff without pulling every muscle in his back and legs. Seriously. Notice how terrified the Flyers guy is of touching Henrik. LOL


dollie said...

I was sad about the quickness of the Blueshirts off Our Backs ceremony too. They used to line up the lucky recipients and call out each player one by one so you could see the interaction a little more (or what each player was sporting underneath). Not only do I miss that but why did they assign some regular dude to Henrik? It should be a little kid swimming in big jersey or at least a lady. A little disappointing as was Stan's post-game interview with Henke. He must have know he was gonna get cut off because he looked a few times during the interview!

Here's to a stellar game today!

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