Updated: Henrik Lundqvist Wins!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From hank lundqvist

Henrik had a good night tonight and almost had a shutout. Henrik, and the New York Rangers (but really Henrik ;) ) won 5-1 against the Leafs. I am so very glad they won this game as it keeps them in the running (more like squeaking in) for the playoffs.

At one point a Leaf hit Henrik with the stick, or kept after him even though he stopped the puck and knocked Henrik back into the net. A scuffle ensued with several Rangers and Leafs. I like how they protect their King. No one goes after their goalie!

From hank lundqvist

Apres game ManHug (one arm around shoulder).

UPDATE: More pics of the game.

From hank lundqvist

Henrik was one of the players of the game.

From hank lundqvist

Henrik catching up to the rest of team. He's so much shorter than Voros! But I think everyone is. How tall is Voros?

Now this photo, I have to post it even though it doesn't have Henrik in it. It's hysterical. I bet you wondered why Voros went to the boards and smashed his stick on the glass after he scored. Well, wonder no longer. It's because of the guy I circled in red. WAKE UP! I SCORED A GOAL!
From hank lundqvist


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