Henrik Has A Sad

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Not from tonight's game, but the feelings are just the same.

I hate it when Hank gets pulled from a game. I just hate it. First, because you know he's beating himself horribly over it and is probably well on his way to an ulcer. And second, because he's the reason I watch the Rangers and his saves are just stunning.

Henrik works so hard, he feels so deeply for this team and sport that you don't need to tell him what he does wrong, he knows and has already ripped himself over it. So when he gets pulled, I cringe. I just hate it. I know how hard he's on himself because you can just see it. And of course the interviews.

Torts walking all the way down the bench to pat him on the shoulder was nice. But still.

From henrik lundqvist

I yell something similar, but it starts with a different letter.

Of the three goals let in, only one I consider a shot that Henrik could have stopped. Someone, I think on twitter or one of the boards, mentioned that he was having a hard time reaching up high. I hope he's not hurt. But considering how much he's played, I wouldn't be surprised if he was sucking down ibuprofen like it was candy.

No screenshots of the pull in this game because my stream was bad. And I was pretty shocked and didn't even think of capping it. :(
From henrik lundqvist

Henrik is still on top of the world as far as I'm concerned.


Trish said...

Poor guy. After every goal against, I always think he needs a hug, and pulls just suck that much more...

Also, as much as I get a kick out of your blog, the twitter feed gives *me* a sad. Too much anti-Hank-ness :( Methinks you should hide the negativity! :)

christine said...

I feel the same way! I see him sitting dejected on the bench and I just want to hug him.

I hate twitter when Hank misses a shot. Seconds before they loved him and now they hate him. The twitter crowd is so fickle.

Anonymous said...

hate to see hank pulled, it should be the D thats pulled rather than the goalie!

We need him in every second of the remaining 3 games now to stand a chance.

Great blog.
Chris - England UK

Anonymous said...

u probably already know about it but msg has a lot of postgame interviews online. http://www.msg.com/rangers/

Anonymous said...


christine said...

Thanks for the link to the celebrity crowd cam one! I haven't seen this one yet. That guy sitting next to him, I've seen him before with Hank. I wonder who he is.

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