Drafting Goalie for Henrik's Replacement?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Henrik goalie gear

NY Rangers blog reports that the Hockey News did a mock draft and proposed picking a goalie to replace Henrik down the line. REPLACE HENRIK?!?

According to commenter though it might actually not be a bad idea to draft someone to groom for the NHL. Henrik is 28 right now and apparently has a max of 10 more years left to give. He'd get out at 38. But to start the vast majority of Rangers games would probably only be happening the next 6 years. So we do need another good goalie in a few years.

But I still think that with our #10 spot in the NHL draft we should use it to get a good forward. You know, SOMEONE THAT SCORES CONSISTENTLY. That would be nice. Henrik can stand on his head and all but he can't score goals (only goal assists!) and it's scoring that goes on the board.

I already am dreading the day that Henrik doesn't start more than 50% of the games. Hopefully by then he'll have some backup modeling gig going. Or that band of his takes off. Or something that keeps him in the spotlight!
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Trish said...


They're trying for scorers already. Although being the points leader in the SEL may not mean much... Joel Lundqvist was a decent SEL scorer and all it got him was half the games on Dallas' 4th line, or worse, being banished to Iowa.

Carol said...

Hmmm...interesting. Of course they need to think about a goalie replacement waaay down the road when Henrik is older. But I really wish they would get a player that would help them NOW! An offensive player, please!

christine said...

Yeah and Joel got drafted a lot earlier than Henrik did. I'm excited because that kid was scouted hard by a lot of teams. I hope he was a good pick.

Iowa isn't so bad!

Carol said...

Thanks for the link, Trish. Iowa...home of the World's Largest concrete Garden Gnome...there could be worse places. ;o)

CR9 said...

NOBODY is replacing my HENRIK BEAR!!!

CR9 said...

Why is my comment not showing....Hmmm!!

christine said...

CR9 - I had to put it on moderated comments due to some (okay one) classless commenter.

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