Henrik Lundqvist Wishes You Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

From hank lundqvist

Henrik hopes you found all your Easter eggs, the Flyers lose, and you go out and get some more Easter candy at 50% off today.

While going into a sugar coma, you can feast your eyes upon Swedish Cafe magazine's April cover. I emailed the magazine March 25th but haven't heard back yet as to whether I can order just the April issue to be mailed to me.
From hank lundqvist

Hot Bitch Henrik at his finest. I love where the exclamation point is.

So for all you Swedish readers out there, can you buy a copy of Cafe with Henrik on the cover and mail it to me? I'll pay the cost of the mag and shipping through paypal. I'd like the mag unmolested so buy another copy for yourself so I can be the first to drool on my copy. Send me an email at henriklundqvistvikinghockeygod@gmail.com if you'd be willing to enable my Lundqvist obsession. I promise to scan it and share it with all those under the Henrik spell all over the world.


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