Henrik Lundqvist Says He's Not With Princess Madeleine

Thursday, May 6, 2010

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Sorry I've been gone, but my daughter was ill, had surgery and is now doing much better. Who knew a ruptured cyst could bleed and be so painful?

Now on to the Henrik!

A May 4th article in www.aftonbladet.se was an exclusive article with our guy Henrik about Princess Madeleine. As the gossip built and built, and then started making news in the US, I guess Henrik thought it was time to stop the rumors.

Here's his interview. I paid 3 Kroner for it, no idea what that is in USD, and it's Google translated which probably means it will make no sense for most of it. But who cares! It's about Henrik!

I'm not connected with Madeleine

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Henrik Lundqvist of celebrity life in New York, father's illness - and rumors of Princess
NEW YORK. He is already King of New York.
But no, Henrik Lundqvist will not complement the proven track record with a Prince record at home in Sweden.
- I do not know how those rumors arose, but I and Princess Madeleine are not a couple, explains the New York Rangers star goalie in Swedish Aftonbladet meets him for an exclusive interview at home in Manhattan.
It's of course silly and rude to even ask.
But rumors that Henrik Lundqvist, or King Henry as he then called back five years to the New York Rangers fans in the legendary Madison Square Garden, and the princess nyseparerade
Madeleine is a few have adopted such proportions that it would be fånigare than not to.
The gossip on the web, it is suggested in the columns and it will secure tip to newspapers.
So when we meet Henke at a bar near the parade deck at home in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan if the terms sorted out: Is the king of New York also become Prince of Sweden?
Henry laughs and shakes his head with astonishment.
- No, ha ha, I will not.
Well, the intensity of those rumors are totally sick.
- I do not know how they may have arisen, but I and Princess Madeleine are not a couple. We know each other from a few events over the years, but I have a girlfriend and we've been together a long time. Further, there is no say about it. Those who can confirm these rumors, you can of course look up. Tell them that they do not know what they're talking about.
Have you seen Madeleine during her stay here in New York now?
- No, I do not.
Do you have any comments for the broken engagement?
- No, it feels like neither I nor anyone else has to do with it. It is a private matter. Or, yes, she's a princess, so that's a concern for people, but I keep my distance.
You have an amazing Duplex here in New York, another apartment in Florida and a home in Gothenburg, right?
- I found what I want. In all cases at the moment.
That sounds good right to be financially independent and able to buy what you like.
- Well, it's clear. Officials need to watch out, I hear a lot of horror stories. The other day somebody told me that 50-60 percent of all American football player is bankrupt four years of their careers. It's a warning, you may think. The more one earns, the more you spend, it's so. But it is not to be stupid.
You had not invested well in Bernie Madoff?
- No, I had not, but it shows that you have to be careful. Just to second trust someone, it is not certain that one should follow their advice.
Well, yes it is true, however, that you buy what you want?
- Yes, I do and it's nice not having to think about what things cost, of course.
So what do you buy then?
- Well, it has not been much this year.
You have been chosen as Sweden's best-dressed man, so the clothes will be addressed in each interview.
- Yes, they do it, but I do not know if it is warranted so long.
Have you lost interest?
- No, but I have some collaborations with clothing brands so I have sent clothes. So, I do not shop that much.
How many suits do you own?
- He he ... We had a party for the guys on the team last week and then it was a few pieces that went into the closet and counted, in fact. 49 or 50 they got it.
All right. What else now? You in the New York Rangers missed the playoffs and you can not play the World Cup. What should you do instead?
- We go to our condo in Florida this weekend and there are a few Swedish friends to visit. Then we return to New York and fly well home to Sweden sometime in mid-June, I would dump.
Has disappointment after missing the Stanley Cup finals, also at the very last round, released?
- You can not go and dwell for too long. But it hurts when watching playoff games on television and see the intensity, both among players and audience. It wants to be involved.
You were extremely disappointed after last game?
- One can accept that, like last year, be knocked out of a really good team, but when you do not even reach the playoffs you're working so long and so hard to get to, then it is difficult to give himself approved.
But every season ends in bitter disappointment of course, finally, for all but one team. Is it worth it?
- Yes, absolutely. It is not just about the final destination. It's about the journey as well. Playing hockey in New York, on Madison Square Garden, the Rangers as an organization, and to experience the whole NHL life is great fun. But to take the opportunity to enjoy yourself. Time passes very quickly and the older guys on the team says that it goes even faster later in his career.
And you are no "spring chicken" anymore?
- No, I am 28 years now and have pain everywhere. It feels good that I have come to realize that I should enjoy life and not just stare at me blind to achieve success. I still want to win, that's what drives me, but I can relax more between matches.
But you are still difficult to deal with the losses, we know that watching Rangers games.
- I hope in fact that I always will be. I play a lot of emotions and is very high up when things are going well and extremely low down when it goes bad. I find it hard to just move on. And I like the contrasts, the driving me to play as good as possible.
Despite the fact that you played exceptionally well played, took part in the Olympics and have been through this heavy playoff miss would you play for Team Sweden in the World Cup too. Why?
- The suction will be back sooner than you think. The first days when people call and ask if VM would only ask them to draw somewhere. But after five, six days drop it there. It might sound sick after such a long season, but I am really eager to play hockey again. Unfortunately, I hurt so you can not.
How badly are you?
- Groin, I have had problems with his knee all year and started to mess the last three, four weeks. I have been taping hard and have gone on treatments all the time. I tried to rehab in order to play World Cup, but could not.
Do you worry about never for permanent disability?
- No, I do not mind that it will affect my everyday life when his career is over. But it is clear, when I'm out walking, people often wonder if I have a pain because I unconsciously limping. Then one can ask how it will look like when I'm 45 ...
Despite all these successes, we're talking about are the things in life you can not protect themselves against. Your dad got sick last year?
- He was not sick, there was an operation that went wrong and there were consequences. But, yes, it was a real wake-up call. I started to think about what really matters in life. We spend so very much in what you do and so such a thing happens. It took hard.
Was it the first time you experienced such a blow?
- I've been through that relatives passed away, but it was the first time anyone in the immediate family was affected. We knew not only how it would go and I was about to go home, but it slowly became better.
How is he today? Who is still in a wheelchair?
- No, not at all. From the beginning he was just in bed and could not talk or eat. But it has gradually gotten better and now he can handle himself. They have just been here and gone in two and a half months. First it was on the OS, then with my sister in California and now they have been here in New York for a while.
New York, yes. Could you explain to readers why it is the world's best city?
- The very best is that you can be so relaxed. Nobody cares, wherever you are. All have their place and not i.
Do you get recognized around town?
- The past two years, I have noticed a marked difference. More and more people recognize me, I take note. But it is still at a comfortable level right.

This is me
Name: Henrik Lundqvist.
Age: 28 years.
Occupation: Pro Hockey New York Rangers.
Family: Boyfriend Therese Andersson, Eva mom and dad Peter, twin brother Joel and older sister, Gabriella.
Income: Approximately 55 million per season.
Background: Grew up in Åre. Mom and Dad ski instructor physiotherapist. Later the family moved to Bastad. Come on already as 18-year-old with Frölunda in the A squad and made his debut in the Elite den 21 September 2000. Won gold medal with Frölunda 2004th Written years after the New York Rangers and moved across the Atlantic. Quickly established himself as first choice keeper, and crowd favorite, the Rangers. Won gold medal with Team Sweden 2006th Also participated in the Olympics in Vancouver in February this year. Has played several World Championships. Current: One of our biggest NHL stars. Have just had to say no to the World Cup due to injury.

This is my day
10:00 Now that the season is over I can sleep a little longer. Most of the time I go up and eat breakfast right away.
11:00 Take a walk in the gym and run a lighter workouts. We have a gym in the house where I live so it is easy and convenient. In a few weeks I increase the training dose, then it is time to start making themselves ready. But now I just keep going.
13:00 Goes out and jaws lunch somewhere, like someone by a friend. During the season you are living in a small bubble, it will be easy to say you will meet other people and then just shoot it up. It takes me back now. And I have plenty of friends outside hockey, which is nice. You want to disconnect it completely at times.
15:00 Does it just right. Like to sit on the terrace we have finally been completed renovated and read and listen when the dog barks, ha ha. It is so incredibly nice to not have anything planned. During the season we live for a very strict schedule, in principle, every day, so when it is free to try to have as little as possible booked.
20:00 Go out and eat dinner. Since there may be no club visit now and then too. It may take the opportunity now when you can. There are not too many occasions to celebrate this when you have matches several times a week.
01:30 Coming home to bed. Yes, it could be later as well ...


CR9 said...

Sorry about your daughter. Glad she is recovering!

Welcome back!!

On to the Henrik...

What more can I say about the guy.

Clooney, Pitt, or Lundqvist?

To steal TMZ's thing, who'd you rather?

I say LQ!!

Carol said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter, Christine. I was worried and figured something must be wrong. But I'm glad to hear she is recovering. Welcome back!

And thanks for the awesome interview. That's a great one! I'm glad he addressed the Princess rumors. Well done, Henrik!

christine said...

She was sick a week and slowly getting sicker so it was a scary time. I am so glad they went in and managed to figure it out. She had surgery Wednesday night and is lounging recovering ordering me around!

It's nice Henrik shared some more of his life with us. Can't believe he's going to the condo in Florida only for the weekend!

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