Henrik Lundqvist Withdrawl

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Goteborg city race

I think I've got a bad case of Henrik Lundqvist withdrawl. No new photos. No new video. No new games to watch him in on TV. It's only been one day. OMG

Carp has some quotes from Henrik on break up day. Every time I hear it called break up day, I feel like crying. OK not really, but it's sad. Henrik should have been playing in the playoffs.

I’ve been a pro for nine years now, five years here and four or five years back home, and never missed the playoffs. I can’t find words right now. It’s disappointing.

It's more than disappointing. It's a travesty.
You realize we didn’t lose our spot on Sunday. We lost it during the year when we didn’t have enough consistency in our game and we lost a lot of games we should have won. That’s where we lost our playoff spot.

That's exactly the truth.

Carp also mentioned that Henrik has some issues with his knees and hip so he's not sure about the World Championships right now. Henrik is too young to be in pain every day.
But it’s hard to be satisfied when it’s not enough. We didn’t make it so … It feels better when you know you did what you could, but it still doesn’t make up for missing the playoffs. It really sucks.

But I think it’s important that whatever happens, whoever’s going to be here in September, we’ve got to realize we’ve got to do better; this is not where we want to be. We expect more of us. We want to be a playoff team, and we want to be a good playoff team. That’s our goal. Like I said, our fans expect more of us, and so should we.

Or Henrik will take them out back and beat the crap out of them. Henrik expects to make the playoffs next year and make a strong run for the Stanley Cup. I sure hope everyone that shows up for training camp has the same goal. I don't want to see Henrik so broken hearted again.

Henrik Rangers
Introspective Henrik doesn't want to be in this position again next year.


Trish said...

There's this video: http://rangers.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?catid=-6&id=66001

Hank apparently already has his golfing outfit on for the summer.

CR9 said...

Poor Hankie. If only the Rangers would surround him with actual talent.....by putting old Slats out to pasture :(

christine said...

Oh he's got on that hideous argyle sweater again! When he came back from the Olympics he went out to dinner with Voros and Avery in that. It's a dad sweater! He needs to burn it.

We can only pray that Sather croaks over the summer so Henrik would finally have a chance at a good team. It's horrible to waste his talent on a team that's going nowhere.

Trish said...

"Oh he's got on that hideous argyle sweater again! When he came back from the Olympics he went out to dinner with Voros and Avery in that."

So after he didn't make it to the medal games in Van. And now after he didn't make the playoffs. Maybe he's depressed and wears it because he knows it's blah and boring and gray. Maybe he doesn't think he deserves to look nice after losing, lol.

It does make his eyes look nice though...

Carol said...

I just like the fact that he wears something more than once. I wonder sometimes if really, really rich people only wear their clothes once and then move onto something else. But I also know he has favorite suits that he wears more than once. But it's not as easy to tell as with this sweater. Very dapper though.

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