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Friday, April 16, 2010

Henrik has an official website and blog, but these have not been updated since 2008. The site has videos of Henrik introducing the blog in English and Swedish. I love hearing him speak Swedish.

It seemed like he really took an interest in keeping the site up with a few blog posts, photos and video from a vacation, wallpaper and even a newsletter. If you sign up for the email list you'll get a confirmation email but nothing happens after that. No info ever comes about Henrik. :(

I contacted a New York Rangers reporter, an embedded journalist with the team, Jim Cerny and he says that the site is indeed dead and there's no talk of Henrik reviving it. It's just dead. I know a lot of other Henrik fans had wondered about that site, so we finally have the final word on it.


As for getting a twitter like Henrik's friends Voros and Avery, I highly doubt it. If he hasn't jumped on the bandwagon by now, I don't think he will.

There's a facebook profile for Henrik, but it's not run by the man himself. The nice thing about it is that it gives his fans a place to leave messages for him. With the amazing saves he makes, people want to let him know how great he's doing and how much they appreciate his hard work. During the rough times, like right now, reading those appreciative messages would be a really good things for him.

Henrik Rangers

I wish he'd at least keep up the blog once a week or hire someone to do it for him just so the fans would have a place to leave their messages and so we'd get to connect with him more. But the guy is busy and all. He's a professional athlete, does signings, runs a goalie camp in the summer in Gothenburg, does charity work for the Garden of Dreams and is the spokesperson for it. So yeah, the guy needs to hire someone to keep up the site or just dump it which is what he did.

Oh well. At least we can still go to the site and download the wallpaper and watch the fishing video. Over and over and over.



Carol said...

I wish his site was still active. I found it when I was first looking for info about him. I also really enjoyed the intro video when he was speaking Swedish. Such a nice language for men. No offense to anyone who speaks French, but I hate to hear men speak French. It sounds so froo-frooey. Swedish is a manly language. ;o) I'd love to volunteer to be webmaster for Henrik...if you're reading, Henrik, give me a ring. Thanks.

christine said...

I know! I was so sad when I got the answer that it's dead and gone. I volunteered to manage his website too! LOL

Isn't Swedish manly? I think Henrik would have made a good looking viking.

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