Most Valuable Henrik Award?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Henrik closeup
Seriously, what is up with his pupils? He's got huge pupils like a shark. has a voting poll open asking who is the most valuable Henrik. Sedin, Zetterberg or LUNDQVIST? Like there's any question.

New York Rangers' goalie Henrik Lundqvist was blessed with the looks of GQ model and the patience of a saint. Oh, and the goaltending abilities of a freak.

I love that quote!

Place Lundqvist on the Washington Capitals or Chicago Blackhawks and there is a 90-percent chance that he already has two Cups on his resume.

This quote is also very true. And it makes me really sad for Henrik. If he'd been on a better team, he'd have the Cup by now. It's so frustrating for me as a fan, so I can't imagine how unbelievable it must be for Henrik. He must eat Pepcid like candy.

Right now our Henrik is winning the poll. And I only voted once. :)

Henrik Rangers
Henrik the Dancing Bear. So cute!


CR9 said...


I love both those quotes as well.

It is truly sad that we have given nothing to help Henrik out. That quote should read 100%. Clearly, in the top 3 in goalies in the league.

Although, ESPNs Boston John Buccigross says the Ryan Miller and Tuuuuuuuuuuuukka Rask are the best goalies in the East.

Ryan Miller, I understand.

Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukka played less than half a season this year. Leave it to ESPN to provide hometown bias and unprofessionalism.

CR9 said...

I forgot, while I LOVE HANKIE, I do find Zetterberg to be extremely gorgeous, and I am partial to the name Henrik, so that helps him out.

He's also got a Cup. And he plays on a team I greatly respect, a class organization from top to bottom, the Wingies!

So, I'll go with Zetts.

christine said...

NO you cannot vote for Zetts. ONLY LUNDQVIST. The angry Swedish viking will haunt you if you vote for Zetts.

Carol said...

Zetterberg? Really? Interesting...there's just something odd about his face to me. But different strokes for different folks. ;o)

There is one of the NHL Swedes...can't remember his name right now...that I think is quite handsome. He's blonde...I forget who it is. I need to go check one of my YouTube videos, because he's in the background...

By the way, that top photo of Henrik (just his eyes) is the one I've had as my computer background here at work for a couple weeks. I love it!! His eyes are just unbelievable!!!

christine said...

Zetterberg reminds me of Kermit the Frog. Those eyes bug out too much.

There are quite a few hot Swedes! Lucky Swedish women.

I use a background image rotater to rotate through all my Henrik pics. LOL It's here

You can set it up to rotate through a directory, flicker account, etc and it can pull pics from all those sources and randomize them.

Carol said...

Oh, that sounds cool!!

It was Nicklas Lindstrom that I noticed in that You Tube video. He's very handsome!

christine said...

Nah, but Ovechkin has been growing on me lately. GASP

Carol said...

Ovechkin?!! Blech! ;o)

I wonder...does he have a false tooth or bridge or something to replace that hole when he's not playing? I've only seen him during on-ice times, and I'm sure if he has a bridge, he's not going to wear it while playing. He looks like the stereotypical hockey player, that's for sure...smashed nose and missing teeth. ;o)

christine said...

I obviously have a bad case of Henrik withdrawl if I'm finding Ovechkin sexy. OMG

Check out this Swede. He's kinda cute I like the tattoos.

But THIS guy Meowza!

Tere said...

I have voted for Lundqvist but could not see how the voting is going. Could any of you?

christine said...

Yeah I can. Henrik is in the lead at 60%.

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