Henrik's Other Woman Identified? World Cup Info Too

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

King Henrik and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Nice legs Henrik.

Boring stuff first. According to Aftonbladet Henrik is going to try to make it to the World Championships. He's got knee problems and had to play with his knee taped up the last several games. Plus he's got groin issues. (Seriously, how can any reporter type that and not smirk or snicker?) He's doing rehab for five days and is keeping in touch with Tre Kroner to let them know how it goes.

Now on to the juicy stuff, which amazingly also involves Henrik's groin.

Gossip blog Bitter Blonde has a very interesting post today about why Princess Madeleine of Sweden's royal wedding just got postponed. The reason: Henrik Lundqvist! She is speculating that the Princess and Henrik are sneaking around New York together. Bitter Blonde first got suspicious during the celebrity sailing match when the Princess and King Henrik were on the same team together. They were quite cozy. Then they continue to appear at same functions in New York. No big deal there, they're both Swedish and well known. But according to Bitter Blonde their body language is telling a story that they know each other, very well. And who can turn down Henrik? And how could Henrik turn down the Princess of his country? That's almost like a royal decree or something.

From hank lundqvist

Could YOU turn this down? I didn't think so.

Now this story is doubly interesting because according to a source, Henrik was introducing some woman as his girlfriend last summer and it wasn't Therese. The woman was introduced as girlfriend by Henrik to a friend of Henrik's. This friend is not Swedish. Perhaps the other woman is Princess Madeleine? Is it safer to hang out with non Swedish friends that wouldn't know who she was?

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and Princess.

It sure makes for some interesting gossip. I think the bottom line here though is: does Therese know how to shoot and do they have a gun in their penthouse? If not, Henrik may be seeing his clothing go flying off their penthouse terrace sometime soon. That's a long 43 floors down so it would make quite a view as the Dolce & Gabbana suit coats went fluttering in the air to the ground.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and Princess.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and Princess laughing over crazy gossip.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik checking out the Princess' Swedish assets.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and the Princess. Fine Swedish specimens.


Tere said...

Madeleine will be in the US between the 20th of April and the 9th of May. The last days she will be in Seattle. The first ones I have no information but I could guess New York.
All the time she will be n oficial duty.

And sorry to say but I do not believe the gossip from that swedish blog :P

christine said...

It's juicy gossip for sure! I'm not sure I believe it either, but it would explain the 'other girlfriend' he introduced in New York.

Tere said...

When did that introducion hapened?

BTW: loving your blog!!!!

Carol said...

I hope, hope, hope you are right, Tere. I don't want it to be true. Stupid silly gossip rags. (Not dissing that person's blog...I'm talking about the magazines, etc.)

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