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Thursday, March 18, 2010

We all know the mature, handsome Henrik that can't take a bad picture but have you seen the young Henrik photos? Yes, those are mighty interesting. Especially the one of him covered in gold paint ala Goldfinger.

From henrik lundqvist

He's so young!

From henrik lundqvist

This is from Henrik's junior ice hockey team Sweden days. That hair!

From henrik lundqvist

Another pic of young Henrik Lundqvist when he played for the Frolunda Indians in the Swedish elite league. The thing I can't figure out is why did a team in Sweden adopt the Indians as a mascot? The Indians are a North American thing. Swedens have Vikings. Why aren't they the Frolunda Vikings?

Henrik Lundqvist
Henrik and Joel hanging out in their rocking bachelor pad in Göteborg, Sweden.

young henrik with hat
No idea how old he is in this pic. Henrik has always looked much older than he really is. I have the opposite problem. I look 12 years younger than I really am. Seriously I only stopped getting carded to buy alcohol only 4 years ago!

Henrik Joel Lundqvist Frolunda
Henrik and Joel in their younger Frolunda years and I must say hockey does wonders for the gluteus maximus doesn't it? Oh. My.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and his guitar. Not sure if this is an apartment or hotel shoot. The guy has some long legs.

From henrik lundqvist

He's probably in high school in this picture, but already playing pro in Sweden.

From henrik lundqvist

Last but not least is Henrik covered in gold paint holding a huge bottle of champagne after Frolunda's win of the national championship. The last time Frolunda won the championship is when Henrik was with them. Coincidence? I think not. He was with them for the 2003 and 2005 championship wins. Before that the last time they won was in 1965. Henrik kicks ass.


Carol said...

I actually have the answer to your question about why Frolunda's team is the Indians. I had the same question...didn't make sense to me either. So I posted my question in reply to a YouTube video of the Frolunda intro song, and this was the answer I received from a Swedish the 60s the team was pretty good and they got the nickname the "Wild West." I don't know if maybe they were in the western part of Sweden? Didn't find out that part. But they were known as Wild West. So then in the 90s when they got so good again, they were looking for a name that reflected that Wild West theme. They didn't want Cowboys or anything with guns, so they picked Indians!

christine said...

Yeah Gothenburg home of the Frolunda team is on the west coast. I guess that makes sense now. Barely. It's still bizarre to see Swedens celebrate North American native tribes! Bizarre. Those crazy Swedes.

Carol said...

Yes, definitely bizarre. And that one picture of Henrik and Joel when they were with the Indians, and they are in their shorts only (OMG, by the way)...anyway, the way they have Indian war paint painted like cat whiskers cracks me up. The makeup people didn't do enough research on that one. Ha!

Tess said...

Henrik is the hockey God, he is amazing and gorgeous, thats all I have to say :)

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